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Jetplane Landing have been featured quite a lot recently in the NME. You might wonder why this is such an achievement, but how many bands do YOU know who have done absolutely EVERYTHING themselves and managed even a thimble sized article in that music paper?
Andrew Ferris, the band’s Derry Born vocalist and guitarist made a space in his ever expanding diary to tell us how he saw things going at present.

AD: How did the NME/Ash gig go at the London Astoria? Any interesting tales to tell?

AF: We had a fantastic night – the other bands were really cool and helpful. I think I had a bit too much aftershow and tonic though – so I’m probably not the best person to ask about what happened post gig.

AD: On your website, you said that Andrew would like to apologise to Colin from Hundred Reasons for “boring him to death” at the after show party. What on earth was he talking about to achieve that?

AF: We got locked in a discussion about the Promise Ring and Braid I think, its all a bit fuzzy. I think we got into My Bloody Valentine B-sides at one point, but that may have been someone else.

AD: How has the gig affected you, personally and financially?

AF: Personally, it is a fond memory, I’ll always remember the first time we rocked the Astoria. Lethal! – you know, its nice to do these things – and it’s a great treat to have your van unloaded for you. Financially, bands are better off when they book a show themselves, take a split with the promoter and sell their merch to loads of punters. The machine needs to be fed by thousands of fans before gigs like that make economical sense to artists. We try never to lose money on a show, and I think we broke even – just, on that night. Corporate math is a scary animal. We got paid £100. Most bands at our level don’t get paid anything when you do big shows, so thanks to the promoters for that.

AD: You seem to be doing a lot for other bands as well as yourselves, offering to sell merchandise for them whilst out on the road, and reviewing stuff in the fanzine. How important is this to you?

AF: I’d say its important to us as people rather than as a band. We’ve all been in loads of bands, for loads of years and have done countless shows. The DIY aesthetic is something we hold very dear, and actively encourage other bands to get involved in. There is such a huge burgeoning scene, involving promoters/fanzine writers/bands willing to get things done. Its amazing once you start to uncover it.
The UK is so far behind the US infrastructure-wise, US bands can tour themselves interstate and actually make money. Slowly, through the internet, email (like this interview) and people dedicating their time for love of new music, things are changing. Actually, you’d be surprised about how many popular bands out there who lend their support to the movement.

AD: How come you’re only giving away a lyric sheet to your new single with every tenth record you sell as opposed to all of them?

AF: Financial reasons. We hand press all the sleeves and lyric sheets, so it costs quite a bit. Actually in the end, for summer ends it wasn’t every tenth sleeve, 50 were inserted at random, we got a bit confused.

AD: How are you managing to keep your feet on the ground at the moment, given all the excitement of late?

AF: Well we’ve got a UK Tour starting March 13 so rehearsal for that as well as recording the new EP (out in May) has kept us fairly busy. There are always things to do!

AD: What kept you going after being dropped from your previous label, culminating in your recent success?

AF: I think your decisions are made for you. Jamie and I began writing together, as the previous band were dropped from Geffen. If we hadn’t really enjoyed that material, then jetplane wouldn’t have happened. There was never really the discussion of packing it in – we just changed. I hadn’t sung a lead vocal until 3 years ago, up until that point I had just played guitar.

AD: You will more than likely be a featured interview alongside the one we recently carried out with Norman Wisdom! Are there any similarities between yourselves and the man himself?

AF: I too can fall down stairs in a humorous way.

AD: Can you plug yourselves and your forthcoming single and album in ten words?


AD: Is there anything else you’d personally like to talk about that we haven’t covered? If so, go ahead, here’s your chance….

AF: Just that ‘zero for conduct’ the bands first album comes out through Yoga Boy Records on March 4th, ‘summer ends’ the new single is out February 25th. The tour starts March 13th in London and goes through most of the UK. After that we’ll do another Southern England tour in April/May. Thanks to everyone for all their support and we’ll see you soon at a show. Keep it TENSE! And get in touch!

Enough said really. Check out the band’s website,

If you’re suitably impressed with them, you can contact them by email and the ever amiable Andrew will more than likely get back to you. Especially if you have a band that wants to support ‘em. Hurry though – it won’t be so easy once they’ve taken over the world.

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