I Am Kloot

Ugly, beautiful

Sitting in the bar trying to escape the irrelevant noise of Stereo MC's I bump into Johnny, lead singer from IAK. The last couple of times we met he was curled up in a nicotine cloud trying to fight off the cheesy feeling of being in a tour van for the last couple of months. Today he is refreshed and more talkative than ever before and we discuss his band...

Johnny: "I can't f****** understand it, we've just come back from a European tour, pulling 10,000 people on the average night in places like Rome and Scandinavia and then we get home and we gotta start all over again, as if 2 years of touring the UK never happened. We get overlooked at every corner here by the radio and press (Radio 1 played them a measly 3 times last year) but we've got a massive fan base here and have just signed with Echo (I saw their sell out show at the London Scala which was, looking back, a showcase of sorts). The downside of this is that no-one is promoting our debut album (which is magnificent!), because we left our last label Wall of Sound."

AD: "How come?"

Johnny: "3 years of touring has wiped us clean out of money...,I mean it, we'd get home after a tour and couldn't afford a loaf of bread or a cup of tea. The record sold ok and the touring just about broke even.
I think the music media here want to lump every band into a mould or trend and if they don't fit, no one knows what to do with them, whereas in Europe your just accepted as a British band and that's enough in itself to pull."

Johnny will be the first to admit ‘I Am Kloot’ aren't blessed in the looks department but charisma is in no short supply; "You think you're lovely, I know that you're wrong,
God made me ugly... so don't string me along"

Anyone who has seen them live will know that he will have charmed the pants off the audience after the first track with his inter song backchat. Maybe with a new label and a new album in the pipeline (produced by Ian Brodie) and a growing reputation the fanfare will be welcoming ‘I Am Kloot’ home as one of the best original bands that broke the mould.

I've heard on the grapevine that the Kloots will be supporting up and coming band Suede for a U.K tour, life ain't so bad after all!

Commentary by, Naim Cortazzi

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