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Britische Bands setzen auf poppige Melodien und Groove - Cute Goldfish

At last something to get my teeth into! A band whose 12 track CD contains all, that's ALL originally written material and what material it is too. Maybe slightly more conventional than my last championed band, that is Dizzy Valise (read their review elsewhere in the archives), but that's not to say that this is in any missing something. Not to come all 'creamy' over the group, I shall offer a few opinions of my own and that's to say that on the downside (in subscript), the group do perhaps spread themselves a little wide. Travelling from the 'Mansunesque' - 'Degraded Evening', to the gut wrenching 'Dazzling Star', but this is to be terribly picky.

All in all though this group offer up music that will have you begging the question where's the 'deal', record that is. A selection of extremely well written songs that I feel go someway to hint at just how good they will be up there on the live stage, I look forward to seeing them soon. Oh and the title of this article? Dunno what it means, but they looked as if they were enjoying themselves (steady, playing to a German crowd).

Cute Goldfish - 12 track CD 8/10 Nick James

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