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The spirit of Spaghetti Westerns lives on in the guise of Calexico.

Ennio Morricone seems to be an influence that many bands just wouldn't have the ability or imagination to emulate. These boys from Tuscan do it with flair and bravado. If you can imagine a desperado who despite insurmountable odds loads his gun, downs his last whiskey and rides off to face the crazed lynch mob then the soundtrack would have to come from Arizona's finest band, Calexico. Epic Tex/Mex melodies are accompanied by the most exciting mariachi trumpet duo I can remember. You just know one of them is called Ramone.

The genius in this band comes from drummer John Convertino and singer guitarman Joey Burns. Joey plays a nylon 6 string so well I think a dozen kids in the audience have just decided to throw away their "Learn to play guitar" with Noel Gallagher and start jamming Rodrigo's concerto de Aranjaz. Yeeehah!

Six-shooter, Naim Cortazzi

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