Spotlight -Herman and the Ra Ra's

Herman and The Ra Ras – Time For A Change

Interesting title for the CD, given that the band clearly belong at the tail end of the seventies with the Undertones, Buzzcocks and Stiff Little Fingers of the day.

It's nothing that you haven't heard before, and whilst it is admittedly carried off quite well by the four piece, it's questionable as to whether there's still a market for this kind of stuff. I'll admit there are high points for instance the lyrics to "Summer Of 99" are quite amusing (Sitting in my underwear / in fact they were Y-fronts) but it's all pretty much the same beat through the whole of the album. They could perhaps have done a lot more with it had there been any variation but sadly there isn't.

Occasionally sounding like a cross between ska and punk the only obvious comparison I could make was with the sound of Wire, although something tells me that certain limbs of this mini album wouldn't have been out of place on a Vic Reeves show. Maybe comedy is the way forward. This, after all, had a pretty anonymous effect on me personally - although I have to confess that the downright ridiculous "Beavers" was the most endearing track of the lot. I get the impression that this lot don't really care about reviews.    2.5/5    Tone E


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