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Findley Webster 'Kiss My Tiara'

T:         I saw this band recently and, whilst they were obviously talented and have quite a number of good songs, they played for about 50 minutes when they were meant to be on for 25, which was kind of unfair on the other bands who were playing their scheduled 25 minute sets. And it gives out one of those "up your own arse" kind of vibes. That said, let's concentrate on the music. The CD 'Kiss My Tiara' kicks off with the impressive 'Twisted', let's face it, you can't have a much better introductory lyric to an album than "I hate perverts like you".

N:        A well produced, almost gothic sound. Maybe 'All About Eve' without so much of the Christian slant. I'm unsure of how this will fit into our popular music culture of today, but that's not to say that I don't like it.

T:         They seem to have quite of tracks about sex in their song-bag. Is the lead singer a nympho or something!

N:        This is a very sexually aware album. An interesting use of lyrics, sung from a strong female perspective, but ultimately, in the space of one's own home, I'm getting a bit bored of it really. Perhaps it's the wrong environment. Their sound is a small stage sound, but there's nothing wrong with that. This is one of the better local acts I have heard of late.

T:         I agree, although I got a little bored after they went on too long at that gig. They have great songs - they just need to be taken in smaller does. 7/10

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