Spotlight issue 21

The Phase - Boxman (plus three)

This young band hail from Essex and have recently upped their gigging establishments to more prestigious venues such as London's Water Rats, Barfly and the Garage. Do they deserve such high profile glories?

T: On this evidence, yes. They cite their influences as anything from The Hives to Barry White, which is an impressive diversity for a band of such a tender age. The emphasis is on rock 'n' roll here, and they carry it off quite effortlessly.

N: These four lads are a fairly riotous bunch if music and lyrics are any judge. If there is any justice in the world they will NOT be home by nine, and will leave a wake of destruction in their path. But as an unsigned band, I guess they have to be careful of exactly how much damage they do in the dressing room.

T: Exactly. The more damage they do, the better the credentials for signing them, given the coverage they would invite by doing so. Overall an impressively rebellious debut. 8/10



Sprawl - Sarah Veladora

Siting influences ranging from Echo and the Bunnymen, My Bloody Valentine, Costello, Blondie and Jeff Buckley, among others, and haling all the way from Canada, Sprawl, are a four peice, who aim to put the soul back into music. Have they succeeded?

T: They remind me of the Wildhearts. They use the lifts in each track to their maximum, and the general feel of the album is a happy one. Something to put on when you feel like everything's going alright. A feelgood album with a little distortion added for good measure.

N: They sleep on the floor, they fail to wash behind their ears, and they floss with Top E. they've not told me this you understand, it's just that Sarah Veladora suggested so. Rock 'n' roll lads!

T: Not to mention pissing in the sink... 8/10




Les Flames/Scaramanga Six - Wrong b/w You Do, You Die (Valentine/Wrath Records)

Valentine Records and Wrath Records release a special edition split 7 inch single, the bands vying for your attention are Les Flames!, (cool name!) after hearing "Wrong!" with the chugging, stabbing guitars and go lucky vocals I'm reminded of early B52's minus the girls!, with a generous helping of rude words...naughty. It's glam it's punk and new wavey and good fun, your left wondering what this band look like, can they walk the walk like they talk the talk?. Proclaimed as a "frenchcore six piece" Valentine Records are hoping for bigger things to come with Les Flames! EP due for release in early 2003.

The flip side is the perfect companion, the Scaramanga Six are described as the "band that torture from Yorkshire". This song "You Do, You Die!" sounds like a cross between Adam and the Ants and Mudhoney, a bunch of lads fanning their feathers to the ladies and marking out their territory at the same time...Lemmy from Motorhead nods his head in approval!

If this takes your fancy then take a look at their websites where you can find out more...

Na'im Cortazzi

valentine records / wrath records


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