Spotlight issue 20

In Exile - Hangin' By A Thread (Deep Space Records)

Having changed the name of his latest incarnation from "The Outcast" to "In Exile" to avoid confusion with rap artists Outkast, Keni Fink has had an illustrious past, having worked with many well known artists and producers such as Phil Ramone, Arif Mardin, James Ingram and (here he starts too lose my respect somewhat) Michael Bolton. He has also had countless bands over the years, several of which you will have heard of: Drunken Sailor, Refugees and Biological Hazard to name but a few.

T: Keni Fink is a chameleon. I don't mean just musically either. Just look at the various pictures of the guy on the sleeve of the album. On the front cover he looks like William Shakespeare, on the inside sleeve alarmingly like Leonard Pearce's "Grandad" character from Only Fools And Horses, and perhaps most perturbingly of all, on the sketch featured he looks just like local Leicester sound engineer Feedback Phil from the Charlotte.

N: This possesses all the poetical rings of a soundtrack taken from any John Hughes film, but alas, can at times get a little too introspective.

T: I agree. The guy is obviously an extremely talented musician and a number of these tracks possess an intelligent lyrical content. Sometimes however, the musical ability is so much at the forefront that the depth and emotion is lacking. That said, there are eighteen tracks on the album to choose from, and your comment about a John Hughes film was spot on. It would fit admirably. There appear to be quite a few tracks which would befit a modern day "Rocky Horror Picture Show" too. Keni, soundtrack music is definitely the way to go. 7/10



Frock - Frozen Jungle Entertainment (I Like Records)

Ok, so call me 'old sckool', but a 'record' was a 12" circular black disc, that if you took a dislike to it you could put it in the oven, put a flower in it and give it to your nan. So why 'Frock' like records so much, then send me a little silver disc, but I suppose I could always collect a handful together and make a dress out of this one, but hold-on a minute they could always want us to take a listen first...

T: Like a midnight picnic with Simon and Garfunkel, Stone Roses, The Beatles in their later years, The Byrds and Primal Scream. This is exactly how music ought to sound. Oh look - here come Scott Mackenzie and Nick Drake for a cheese sandwich.

J: I think it's very romantic music. It makes me feel like smiling.

N: Like a soundtrack from Easy Rider, all of the love and we don't know yet the ending. I suspect these guys will turn up some years down the line in a band of cult status.

T: Which has just reminded me which album I think has had the most impact on the group. Love's classic album "Forever Changes"...although whether Frock will be able to match the lyric "All the snot has caked against my pants" from the latter remains to be seen... 9/10



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