Spotlight issue 17

Sutrobath - Aquatica (own release)

Unsigned and with no more information than that (their web site is scarce of information on the band), Sutrobath leave themselves open to the listening powers of Atomicduster.

T: A host of influences can seemingly be found herein. Early Bowie, early Roxy Music, the Connells, erm...Men Without Hats...honestly(!), and the one that sticks out a mile....that I can't think of at present!

N: Huge rock sensibilities, these guys sure know how to make a statement. Dare I say Bernard Butler, coming from the perspective of the guitar at least. It's almost a rock opera. Who are you thinking of?

T: Still can't remember, but I can assure you that whoever it is, it sounds exactly like them!

N: Don't you hate it when that happens? But giving the band their due, I'm sure "influenced by" rather than "sounds like" is the phrase.

T: Whatever. This is a well crafted, suitably produced with a nice strain in lyrical content. 8/10

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Fullproof- Anything and Everything (own release)

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Ohio, Fullproof have been lifetime friends, heving been in bands such as The Irritating Stick and Fusing Tone. So how does this one hold up?

N: I think they're very derivative, and a little too much like others. Sorry.

T: I will have to disagree with you there mate, - I think this is a fantastic single, obviously drawing from early nineties grunge, and bands such as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. There is probably a little Metallica in there too. I'd say it was more a mixture of influences than a blatant rip off anyway.

N: Now that's where we'd have to agree. I think my initial thoughts might have been tainted by the fact I didn't take time to download a better quality copy. They've certainly got balls, even though this sounds (on download) as though it's being played through my transistor radio.

T: Next time I visit America, I can see myself driving along the highways with this at full blast on the stereo system. Especially in the glorious sunshine, s this has a laid back summery feel to it that makes you feel a million dollars.

N: Praise indeed. Let's mark. 9/10

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Damsel - Spirit (own release)

T: Is it me or does this band remind you of Rockbitch?

N: That you even had that on your mind has to be considered as a little bit sad. This is more Girlschool to me. Out and out rock, showing sisters are doing it for themselves. If I could only go some way to proving a guitar technique like this.

T: Surely Rockbitch were out and out rock too?

N: A lot more besides, you didn't necessarily go to see 'Rockbitch' play music!

T: OK, point taken, but where the music is concerned I don't see a massive gaping gulf between the two.

N: A little untidy, but I'm sure they put on a good show. 6/10

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