Spotlight April 2002


Dizzy Valise - Bullets

T: This track used to be called 'Help Me I'm Melting' which, to be honest I thought was a far better title.

N: I thought the original production of this song when I heard it was better too, but having spoken to the group and commented in light of this, this presents a stripped down live version, and I can see that - although in all fairness, this isn't that stripped down, and is at the end of the day, Dizzy Valise.

T: 'Loved Ones' is a slinky chilled out track which is of immense appeal to my ears however. "Swoop down above me and take my loved ones away" is a superb line.

N: Actually, in opposition to my initial comments, I can see that these may be considered a far more accessible introduction to the band. Although the final track 'Dirty Bullets' seems a much more full working of this much loved song. 8/10



Dizzy Valise - It's Gone

T: Probably one of the best arrangements of a song you will hear is that of the main track on this CD.

N: A tune that has seen many changes through titles that may be considered non pc, too ambiguous, finally settling upon that which we hear now.

T: I like the way that "Sly" leads you into a false sense of security, believing it's another laid back peaceful number then suddeny explodes like an atom bomb right in front of your face.

N: I can see the difficulties I might be having here. When you are offered the choice of anything, you will always make up your own mind as to your particular favourite. And that is no different in hearing different workings of a song, rather than just being presented with an album.This has been the opportunity to witness the development of the artists' material. Again, track three is a beefed up version of the title track here. 7/10

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