Single Reviews: December 2007


Maximo Park - Karaoke Plays (Warp Records) 03/12/2007

T: I'm glad Paul Smith and the boys have decided not to make me look a prize muppet, by finally deciding to the release the one track I deemed a "definite future single" when I reviewed "Our Earthly Pleasures".

N: I was thinking you were looking a little green around the gills...

T: That's because you sneezed earlier. And I don't have gills.

N: No, frogs have flippers, Kermit.

T: I look nothing like the bloke from Black Grape. Anyway this is a good song from a very good album. I've already told you that.

N: I'm afraid I'm still trying to find that. I thought it was a little flat.

T: Of course it's flat. It's a CD.

N: OH I see! 6/10 (Editor overrule)

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