Singles Reviews: December 2000


Louise — Beautiful Inside (EMI)

This, the follow up to "They’re Calling Me Names Mummy Wot Howwid Men", rather bizarrely samples the Wu-Tang Clan, but hey, I’ll be honest with you, - it works. Louise gets a bad press just because of who her other half is and the majority of it is borne out of pure jealousy. This, surprisingly is a half decent tune. Tone E 3/5


Billy Gilman — One Voice (Epic)

At the end of the day, 12 year old kids who make records are…I mean they always tend to….look, let’s be brutal here — it shouldn’t be allowed! OK, let them sing as a party piece for their grandmothers at Christmas time, but please, wrap them up in duffel coats that cover their mouths for the remainder of the year. This is the kind of sentimental sugar sweet tat that is forcefed to the nation country style on the misguided premise that everyone loves an innocent child performer. Aaah. Tone E 1/5


Six By Seven — Eat Junk Become Junk (Mantra)

Ambles along and never seems to get where it’s aiming to ultimately arrive. It’s not bad and I’m all for people making up their own minds anyway. Let’s face it — if you don’t buy something because I’ve said I don’t like it you’ve got a lot of sorting yourself out to do. But if you’re that way inclined, this is an average indie guitar song. Tone E 2.5/5


Fifth Amendment — Addict One Little Indian)

Aside from the fact that this sounds like a slowed down Garbage record, this actually builds quite well musically and I ended up quite liking it by the time it had finished. Not much of a review but short and sweet I’m sure you’ll agree. Tone E 3/5

Alex Lloyd — Black The Sun (EMI)

Sticks out like a fluorescent finger as the pick of the bunch from this month’s releases.

Alex Lloyd has obviously put bucketloads of thought into the arrangement and production of the songs on this CD as well as the composition, and he sings with such feeling it makes for an amazing release. Tone E 5/5


Badly Drawn Boy — Once Around The Block (XL)

I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not, but this is more than a tad similar to the Burt Bacharach composition that featured in the first (and by far the best) Austin Powers film whilst Myers and Hurley were cavorting on an open top bus. Still, this is a good trackand track two "The Shining" is even better. Cracking stuff. Tone E 4/5


Precious — New Beginning (EMI)

Many teenage boys will be having ungodly thoughts about these five girls judging by the cover, but I have to say that the song itself could have been Backstreet Boys on helium. The bass riff is what you’d associate with Britney Spears and really this is a typical girl group song.

Are girl/boy groups killing music? Maybe, but Precious are unlikely to. Tone E 2/5


Charlie Brown — Good Thing (Telstar)

Who remembers acid house? Yeah me too, and if you like me, were NOT an avid fan of it, you won’t be too chuffed to hear that the bloke who was responsible for much of it, Keith Mac, has brought out a new single with his mate Jack Berry and to make matters worse I hear you cry, he’s roped in Angie Brown of Bizarre Inc fame to help out. Times change though, and this writer is a lot mellower and far more receptive to different music styles than he used to be. I actually like quite a lot of stuff that back then I would have hated and this clever little ditty uses a sample from Loleatta Holloway’s "Dreamin’" that gives it a feel of funked up Northern Soul. A welcome bit of light relief. Tone E 3/5

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