Single Reviews: November 2006


Crash My Model Car - Maybe EP (My Dad Recordings) 04/12/2006

T: Very much a mid-nineties "soft indie" outfit, along the lines of the Gin Blossoms or the Gigolo Aunts, and it's not a great deal more exciting this time around. I could see this kind of stuff finding a niche in the US market but I can't help thinking that over here they're unlikely to have more than one number 29 hit before going up in smoke.

N: CMMC may not stop the world with this "Maybe", and as has already been mentioned, this pale imitation of indie rock may not find a place here in the UK's hardened scene. On a college circuit however, it may well find a place. With the B-side "White Light" however, this may have been a better choice with its solid mainstay, as it doesn't ring of what we've just heard from this band. 5/10

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ATF - Unconditionally (W Investments) 27/11/2006

T: It all starts off rather impressively, with some marvellous world beats and a seemingly interesting proposition is in store. Then unfortunately the shocking saccharine sweet lyrics kick in and the whole thing borders on Gloria Estefan terrirtory. Pity because the instrumentation is spot on. Listenable but annoying at the same time.

N: This Latino swing comes across as just another sad loser in the X-factor stakes. With an effeminate vocal presentation a la J-lo, he may not have been one of Simon, Louis or Sharon's protegees, but he'd fit right in if he was.

T: I'm shocked and horrified you know all their names...

N: Sadly, one has a family who does. 3/10

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Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (Mercury) 20/11/2006

T: The NME called this band "New Order fronted by Brigitte Bardot". I think it's more like The Flying Lizards featuring Shampoo and Republica. And all I can say about is is "Meh" to be honest.

N: Shiny Toy Guns are obviously a band with attitude, and to my mind refreshingly so. Musically they possess an aggressive attack that is matched by Carah's vocal leaning towards Perry Farrell. Ok they may be a band whose stardom is only short lived, but enjoy these for what they are - a fast ride whose explosive force will astonish.

T: Meh. 7/10

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Rose Kemp - Violence EP (One Little Indian) 20/11//2006

T: I'm sure she's heard it about six million times, but I did a double take when I first saw this, as, like no doubt practically everyone does, I thought it was a certain former Eastenders actor. Thankfully she sounds nothing like her namesake and actually makes a damn good fist of crafting an intricate tune that, cleverly, sounds like a ticking clock while she is actually singing about one, and then explodes into a furious, crackling fireball. I see from the press release that Rose says she has "no boundaries". Hmmm...I must have another go at getting the missus to agree to a threesome...

N: And I bet she strikes as many glances as she walks down the street. But void of the shaved head and buff pecs, Rose can certainly rock as much as she can compose a fine song. Evocative and atmospheric, I'm sure we'll have a great album to look forward to. 8/10

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Mr Hudson and the Library - Bread & Roses (Mercury) 16/10/2006

T: Although I missed these at this year's Summer Sundae event here in Leicester, it seems that they would have been a worthy proposition, if not a particularly exciting one. Their relatively bright poppy sound would, I imagine have won over a fair few punters that day. A "nice" sounding single rather than anything else; it's a pity the vastly superior "Ballad of J Dillon" wasn't used as the spearhead, sounding like a modern version of The Police, but without the bollock squeezingly high vocals.

N: A stripped down musical composition coupled with a weighty lyric I found this made this grow in my estimation. It's almost as ifthe number possessed an addictive quality. The band have presented on this 4 track CD not just endless reworkings of the same song (of this there was one) but a further two original compositions. Restrained, although at the same time compelling. Musically solid, and lyrically inventive. 6/10



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