Single Reviews: October 2006


The Grates - Science Is Golden (Dew Process/Cherrytree/Polydor) 30/10/2006

T: Nope. I still can't understand the immense plaudits being lavished upon this band. They continue to remind me of a poor man's Sleeper, Elastica or any other of those girl-fronted Britpop bands of the mid-nineties. I have heard they are one of the best live bands on the circuit at present however, so maybe I need to do a Grates gig before I can honestly give my opinion. For now though, this still leaves me as cold as a big wet kipper.

N: This single features two remixes of the one A-side, and I love the description of the first "Grandma Approved Radio Edit", and am intrigued to hear exactly what the second "Mouth Of Fire Album Remix" is going to be? Oh...she uses the F-word. Wow!? You hear more coming from me when the computer plays up. 6/10

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Sound Team - Born To Please (Parlophone) 18/09/2006

T: Big, soaring sounds boom out from under a cloudy grey sky, and once again, the wonderous sounds of a Jeff Lynne at the height of his creativity shine through as a likely source of inspiration. After the travesties thrown up in our faces by the Bush dynasty, we NEEDED something good to come out of Texas, and Sound Team would appear to be the first step to retribution.

N: Having already reviewed this band's debut album, this, their first single, released one week earlier, once again confirms these guys can hold a tune; wheras "Born To Please" is without a doubt the lead track, those other two offered here show vast ability. 9/10

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