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Orson - Happiness (Mercury) 07/08/2006

T: Ok I admit - they've stopped reminding me of Curiosity Killed the Cat, and moved on to sounding like Hothouse Flowers and Hue and Cry. Except worse. They're actually beginning to irritate me now as much as Maroon 5. In fact, IS this Maroon 5?

N: What ARE you talking about? One word - awesome. Oh alright I'll expand - do you remember a band in the early nineties from Scotland...Glasgow I think it was...named Gun? A little cliched, it might at first appear, but these were a band with their feet (and heads) firmly planted in what is rock. Their vocalist had a tremendous presence and when this single started out, I felt the same impact. Admittedly, as it proceeded, some of this initial impact was lost, and I felt, as your comment suggests, suffered for it, but give them their dues...

T: Give them their dues? I'd rather give them their bus fare home! You use the word "awesome" - well at least the word I'd use starts with the same two letters. They're the sort of band who are destined to assault my ears on a ten minutely basis while I'm at work with folk who think "local radio" is the cutting edge of music. And since when has sounding like Gun been a good thing? Contrary to what you say I thought they were an embarrassing excuse for rock music. My earlier suspicions have been confirmed too, now that I've just read they'll be supporting Robbie Williams on tour. This song makes me want to throw my stereo out of my bedroom window.

N: However trite you may feel these - and others mentioned - are, these guys did have tremendous impact, and whether they annoy you or not, I think it's fairly evident that others won't think the same, and when has a tour with one of the biggest selling artists ever been a handicap?

T: That's like defending Westlife mate.

N: I am NOT defending Westlife.

Scoring is difficult here - but it's somewhere between 2/10 and 7/10 - take your pick.

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