Single Reviews: July 2006


Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me" (Mercury) 03/07/2006

T: I immediately want to dislike this song because of its bloody silly long title, and while it is the same old emo-rock they always churn out, I can't deny that their tunes are as catchy as a sore throat. I don't think this band is ever going to tickle my testicles, but then again, I doubt very much they want to anyway.

N: Emo most certainly screams from this number with a nice tone in lyrics painting a wonderful picture of resigned emotion, although I'm not quite sure if this is a change in direction for the band or just that I prefer their earlier releases. Either way, not exactly memorable, for me at least. 4/10

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Yes Boss - More Or Less/They Think It's All Over (Dance To The Radio) 12/06/2006

Hilarious, absolutly hilarious. Yes Boss certainly know how to spin a rhyme and this, the follow up to their debut single 'Get Dropped Quick/Indie Kids', was a tune that certainly put Yes Boss firmly on the map. The north's MC Noah and Gavin Lawson aka Yes Boss on first sight appear to take on The Streets and like Mike Skinner's debut album, appear like a breath of fresh air sweeping through the "white" Uk hip-hop music scene. "Parental Advisory" may be somewhat of a cliche now, but if you consider that the subject matter Yes Boss are rhyming is strictly adult, then I'm prepared to forego this. 8/10

More Or Less/They Think It's All Over is available on 7" single from selected music shops and as a download from the Dance To The Radio web site.

Nick James

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Kat Flint - The Secret Boys Club e.p. (NAZ Recordings) 05/06/2006

T: Sounds like a cross between Joni Mitchell, 4 Non Blondes, All About Eve and Anne Murray. Gentle folk music that neither excites nor aggravates.

N: I'm lost for words. Evidently a fine musician with a voice and timing that seats nicely on the five tracks available. All About Eve you mentioned, I'd certainly agree, but this band did manage to drive the sound in a far more effective manner. But I suppose in some ways that's like comparing chalk and cheese, and not taking anything away from Kat, she's a wonderful songsmith. 6/10

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