Single Reviews: July 2003


Rocket Science - Being Followed (Eat Sleep Records)

This Melbourne based four piece have been wowing audiences in the UK with some spectacular live performances on recent support slots with Supergrass, The Vines and The Music. They've shown no signs of fatigue though - as they are just about to embark on ANOTHER tour. There's no stopping some people...

T: I have to admit I am more than a little impressed with this band. Whilst they sound like a cross between early day Boomtown Rats and The Doors at the peak of their powers, they have an originality and spark all of their own. This is an infectious anthem that deserves to hurl this Australian outfit firmly into the big time. What do YOU reckon?

N: Yeah, I can see where you're coming from with those references, especially The Doors. But that's probably more to do with the Manzarek-esque keyboard, don't you think? For me, this is Talking Heads through and through, where the vocalist can be heard leaning toward a presentation a la David Byrne.

T: Yes you are probably right about the keyboards. For me this is the best single of the year with a bullet.

N: Ok you're off the hook with our musical references for the moment at least. The single certainly possesses a quality I would describe as retro, and as to how good it is, I'd have no problem with your estimation. It's not just the lead track though, it's the whole performance.

T: And going back to what you were saying earlier, I agree with you, there is certainly an urgency to Roman Tucker's voice akin to that of Byrne. Looks like a good start to the month for us then, a top single from an excellent band, and Nick and I are in full agreement with eachother with what we've said! 10/10

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Calexico - Alone Again Or (Quarterstick)

An interpretation of Arthur Lee and Love's classic track. Backed with a new track "Convict Pool" and two remixes of the band's album track "Woven Birds", this will be out in time to make a soundtrack to your summer.

N: Well what can you say, a class tune from music's history file. A band to even attempt this can only really do this as a homage to the great Arthur Lee. But have Calexico done a suitable job in not only pulling this off, but stamping their own mark...Tone?

T: Given that , in this reviewer's humble opinion, Love's "Forever Changes" album is one of the finest works of art ever created, I really ought to hate this. But, if I can put my "anti-cover version ways" to one side for a moment, I will have to confess that they've made a pretty decent fist of it and have perhaps added a sprinkling of Calexico to boot. I think I do actually prefer the original tracks herein, but that's probably the purist inside me spilling out again.

N: I get the sense of a baked desert, with these guys performing in front of us - the tumbleweed blowing across the landscape, an emaciated cattle eating whatever greenery is visible - the moment I first played this, my cocnclusion was, I think, near enough the same as yours. This is a group with obviously something different to offer, and the fact we changed gear for the remaining tracks here is justification enough. 7/10



Kinesis - Forever Reeling (Independiente)

T: To me, Kinesis come across as a pretty good indie-emo kind of band from listening to their studio releases. However, the appeal of the group lies in their energetic live performances as you will discover if you turn to our gig reviews section this month. They're an inoffensive little outfit, and this is an inoffensive little tune, but nothing more than that in my opinion.

N: Exactly. To be honest, this just passed me by. I don't think I'll even remember the name, going on my encounter with this single. 6/10

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Machine Gun Fellatio - Impossible Love ep (Work Hard)

Hailing from Sydney (what's with this massive influx of Aussie bands at the moment?), Machine Gun Fellatio are an oddball rock/dance crossover and the lead track "Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle" has already been a huge hit Down Under.

T: Now this is seriously "fukked up". I like that.

N: The lead track I found very difficult to get my head around.

T: That's what I liked about it...

N: ...and I think in another world, I would have been inclined to switch it off, but as I didn't, and made it to the subsequent tracks, I found tracks that were perhaps a little more acceptable. I don't know where they're going with this, but I can only say the beats don't sit comfortably with the rock 'n' roll for me.

T: Personally I liked their opening gambit best, but I have also found the unpredictability housed herein to be rather endearing. "Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle" sounds like the late Nina Simone being attacked with a chainsaw. I think this whole e.p. will either cause a mass outbreak of free love or incite appalling violence wherever it's played. And that's what music SHOULD do. 7/10

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Double Dee - Shining (Positiva)

Top quality Italian vocal nosh in my opinion. Not the most banging dance floor tune but groovy and full of summer flavour. Several mixes are available and of most note are the Cicada remix and the Scumfrog remix. The latter gets closer to a real dancefloor stormer, with tougher beats and a driving bass line. This would be my pick of the mixes for a later evening mix but the other mixes are perfect for early evening sets just as the sunshine begins to fade. Has also had good DJ support from Tongy. 8/10

Nic Caesar

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Jane's Addiction - Just Because (Capitol)

This legendary band will be releasing their first studio album in thirteen years towards the end of July, and is preceded by this single to send us sucking on our nostalgia lollipops.

N: Now this must be somewhat difficult to swallow, especially after what I said about MGF, but this is infinitely more conventional. A rock 'n' roll tune that's every bit it's maker. Been gone a long time, but instantly it IS Jane's Addiction.

T: Which, in some ways is a relief, and in others is a disappointment. I can't deny that it's a fairly strong track, but there was perhaps a faint hope in the back of my mind that they may have moved on and tried something a little different this time around. I suppose the old "If it ain't broke don't fix it" comes into play here though.

N: But come on, I could play this over and over, and I feel it would still hold its appeal. If it ain't broke...

T: I don't think I could listen to even my FAVOURITE songs over and over again without wanting to smash them...

N: I'm not gonna win here am I? 8/10

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Haven - Tell Me (Radiate Records/Virgin)

With compliments from RAdiate Records...oh hang on a minute, that wasn't a press release after all. Oh well, in that case, this is that band from whaddyamacallit who had that thingy hit last year and this is their new single before whatshisname and co head off for a tour of somewhere or other.

N: I'll help you out then shall I? The band released their debut album "Between the Senses" last year and you're right in that even this didn't make THAT much of a splash. It was very generic and they remain so.

T: I always like to give constructive criticism where it's due, but to be frank, this just sounds like a second rate Geneva to me. 5/10



Paul Van Dyk feat Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You (Positiva)

The german returns with another crossover hit methinks! Quality production as expected and whether you are in to this sound or not, you can't deny the brilliance of the arrangement. Pauls tracks are always atmospheric. I'm envious of anyone who has seen Paul over in Ibiza this summer as this has been the highlight of his sets and I'm sure it went off every time!! Good stuff from this veritable brand name! 7/10

Nic Caesar

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British Sea Power - Carrion / Apologies to Insect Life (Rough Trade)

Whether they are doomed to be forever remembered as "Jarvis Cocker's favourite new band" or not remains to be seen (I remember that whole "Morrissey's favourite new band" tag that killed off indie hopefuls Bradford back in the eighties and a similar fate nearly befell James in their embryonic state) but British Sea Power are forging on regardless with a new double A-sided single in time for the summer holidays.

T: Why release a double A-sided single when both of the tracks are featured on your debut album anyway? I don't get that. They should have released the majestically superior "Apologies To Insect Life" with all its manic subversive energy and added a couple of new tracks for good measure in my view.

N: Across the two CD releases that accompany this single, we do in fact find those elusive new tracks that do go some way in making reparation for your earlier observation. I don't have a problem with two album tracks being chosen to head a double A-side.

T: Ok, fair point...maybe I should read the press releases properly... 7/10



Reef - Waster (REEF Music)

Being released as 2 CDs and a DVD single, Reef's new single will be backed with what is apparently a "monumental" version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs".

T: Reef? I thought they'd split up.

N: And what you were saying about Jane's Addiction earlier on, I think it was 1993 when Reef crashed the scene. How different are THEY?

T: Well I'd say they've got less catchy and probably their appeal to a commercial audience would have dwindled somewhat by now, but otherwise I agree. Reef are Reef and there's nothing we can do about it.

N: To be honest, Henman hasn't changed at ALL. He looks exactly the same. He plays the same game, he hasn't changed it...

T: I can see you're paying a lot of attention to this.

N: Well he's got a tennis racquet. I'd say he's half way there. You can't tell me that he hasn't once picked up that racquet in front of the mirror and not been tempted to match Jimmy Page and the guitar solo from "Stairway To Heaven". Sorry, was there something we were supposed to be doing?

T: No, nothing special I don't think. Was there....?

N: I think that's possibly an indictment of what we've just been listening to.

T: I mean Gary Stringer's a lovely chap and all that but sadly this falls way short of impressing the evil judges of AD. 5/10



Tiga - Hot in Herre (Skint)

I have to be honest. I totally cringed when I first heard this. A straight up cover of what is one of the best hip hop/r&b tunes ever! This is cheese on toast man!!! But!!! and it is a big but! Its a grower! The vocals are what does it, as the tune is sooo close to the original. It doesnt do anything obvious but the style of the vocal just creeps in! I do think it is a fraud and a cheat, but then all covers are. Unfortunatley you grow to like this one, so I cant completely slag it off, plus Sarah Cox likes it! Not the best advert in the world I know! Very cool little video though. 4/10

Nic Caesar

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Nylon Pylon - Foot In Mouth (London)

A new Manchester band? Can we expect a second summer of Madchester?

T: Great name anyway...actually I can't make my mind up if it's a great name or a shit one. It's certainly a catchy enough tune but sometimes it veers a little too close to "Bryan Adams fronts Good Charlotte" territory for my liking.

N: I see what you're saying. It's possibly the production that is leading us down this road. I don't know about Manchester. The sound isn't indicative of anywhere really. In fact I'd say Europop more than anything else.

T: It sounds like Jesus Jones riding a pushbike to me. 6/10

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The Star Spangles - I Live For Speed (Capitol)

Breathing new life into a pretentious and stagnant Big Apple scene, The Star Spangles are earning their punk stripes the "old, righteous way" by playing three minute punk songs and "spraying the walls of CBGB's with their sweat. At least that's what the press release says...

T: The old timers that used to enjoy pogoing at the front of the old Slits, Tubes and Vibrators gigs should love this. Personally I'd rather have the real McCoy.

N: Well they certainly look the part, and give them their dues, they're trying to sound the part, but I regret that from what we have heard here, they fall down somewhat. 5/10

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KV5 - Flying Right (Prolifica)

North London's Marc Brown and Tony Economides release their first single for Prolifica this month as a taster for their forthcoming debut album "Natural Science", a record that is touted as being in the same league as Royksopp's "Melody AM" or Nightmares On Wax's "Smokers Delight". This should be a fascinating listen.

T: When I was a child, I owned a Tiny Tots record that I now realise was sung by Roger Whittaker and it went "I can see a nasty spider creeping up on me, he says he's gonna swallow me up and eat me for his tea. I knoooooow....'cause my mummy says so". Now, this is a relaxed, laid back tune akin to the aforementioned Nightmares On Wax, but I can't escape the fact that the tune reminds me of the track I mentioned herein.

N: This is not only inoffensive, but in my opinion also has that X-factor, be that childhood memories or lyrics that pack in as many rhymes as is humanly possible in the space of a sentence. But if KV5 can maintain this on their forthcoming album, they are onto a surefire winner.

T: You obviously like it more than I do, not that I dislike it, but I can't get that vision of the bearded one out of my head. 7/10

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Massive Attack - Butterfly Caught (Virgin)

One of the most influential bands in dance music with their latest offering. I have to say the vocal, it is very melancholic. This is definitely not party music, its more get off your tits and go on a mental/spiritual journey man!! Great production and quality beats but its just too dowdy. Several mixes available, the best of which is the the Paul Daley remix and the RJD2 mix. Both add something to the original or take it in another direction. Good stuff but not exactly uplifting. 6/10

Nic Caesar



3rd Edge - In and Out & Know You Wanna (Parlophone)

Solid urban styled pop with a kind of drum and bass/r&b beats and nice soulful, funky vocals. Both tracks are more pop than anything but does have some substance. These guys have had a lot of airplay and have more singles and a album due this summer! 5/10

Nic Caesar

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Serafin - Day By Day (Taste)

T: The drum beats at the start of this track sound EXACTLY like Bowie's "Modern Love". However the rest of the song blisters along loudly and powerfully and we are left with the pleasant aftertaste of a great rock tune. Do you agree?

N: I can't argue there. This rocks. Lines like "You make my lungs sweat" somehow remind me of those "psychologically beneficial" boys from Placebo, whilst at the same time, consider that they are approaching matters with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

T: Not much I can add to that really. Just a great single. 9/10

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Paul Woolford ft Angie Brown - Out Of My Life (Underwater)

Yet another storming track released the number one label at the moment. A deep and funky track with solid production from Woolford. At the tender age of 27, he has already released several quality tracks and collaborated with many of dance musics best. 'Out Of My Life' features the silky, strong vocals of dance diva Angie Brown to great effect, making this a safe bet for most DJs and dance music fans. Genuine quality!! 8/10

Nic Caesar

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Harmar Superstar - EZ Pass (B-Unique)

Something fresh for this summer? This is a catchy little number with a really hooky melody and quirky american vocals. An MTV favourite Harmar Superstar has recently supported Kelly Osbourne on her US Tour. The Mint Royale radio edit certainly adds something to the original. Good quality party tunage! Released June 23rd. 7/10

Nic Caesar

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Jeff Klein - Another Breakdown (One Little Indian)

This is the first single to be lifted from Klein's "Everybody Loves a Winner" album and the man himself describes his rather downbeat music as being "actually pretty optimistic". So he's keeping his fingers crossed for a good review from us then...

N: With a voice could be described as having been passed through a blender, some might find this a stumbling point. But his musical mainstay I consider strong enough to cease to be a problem. Artists that came to mind on first listen were Springsteen and Mellencamp.

T: I can see that, but I must say that I prefer the more low key tracks that Klein has, in the main, featured on his album. The more uptempo the number is, the more dangerously he borders on the "sounding like Chris Rea" domain. A more alternative reference (and possibly more flattering) musically I would say is Sparklehorse.

N: Three songs feature here, two previously unreleased. Musically, this is as solid as you are going to get, but I would have to confes to a leaning toward the other two. 7/10

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Beatglider - We Gotta Coast (Lakota)

Having quietly woven their path outside of their day jobs, Beatglider were temporary residents at Badly Drawn Boy producer Tom Rothrock's studio high in the Hollywood hills and release their debut single in time for July fortnight.

T: This doesn't half sound like the Jesus and Mary Chain during their "Darklands" period.

N: It would certainly seem that they have taken great reference from this. It's not that it makes this bad, perhaps just not enough their own.

T: I don't think this is at all plagiaristic but you CAN actually sing the words to "Darklands" over the top of it. Then again, that particular era of the Reid brothers was one of the highpoints of their career for me and I could happily listen to this on a summer's day. 8/10



LSK - Rap Starr (Sony Music)

I'm a big fan of LSK and recently interviewed him for Atomicduster. He is a top geezer with a lot of good stuff to say. BUT.. and I hope this is record company driven, this version of Rapstarr is sooo watered down compared to the album version. It is still a good track in essence and lyrically its solid but I much prefer the album version. I think the label made a mistake releasing this edition of the track as a single. My advice is read the interview on AD and then go buy the album, its in the shops now, and listen to that! 6/10

Nic Caesar



Tayo - Meets Acid Rockers Uptown (Skint)

A nice track this! The wicked dub has a nice little harmonious male vocal to it and quality beats. a bit down tempo but has some darker moments. The Prophet dub is a bad ass mix! Breaky/ rum and bass beats, tough synths and a driving bass line. Nice!Released 23rd June.

Nic Caesar

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Kraftwerk - Tour De France (EMI)

To coincide with the centenary of the perennial sporting event EMI have rush released this new recording of Kraftwerk's classic 1983 single.

T: Sounding like it's been remixed by Chicane, this actually stands the test of time pretty well. They must have made a packet from this. I must write the theme to a sports event myself, maybe I'll pen the tune for this year's bowls tournament. Yes that's it, we're gonna be rich! Wanna help?

N: The bowls tournament I would be unsure as to the commercial sense, but Kraftwerk were, in my eyes, a phenomenon...before their time, and as a result of this the cobwebs are easily brushed away by the treatment this has been given.

T: You have no vision, that's your problem. Just imagine when whoever wrote "Tour De France" went to the rest of the band and said "Guten Tag Heinz. I have written a song for the bicycle race ja?" - He too would probably have been laughed out into the street.

N: No, but it was he who was wearing the funny European spectacles. Here, 'tis I.

T: You always have to have the last word don't you?

N: [silence] 8/10




Clearlake - Come Into The Darkness (Domino)

A 7" only release, this is the second single taken from the band's "Cedars" album. It's a double A-side with "The Mind Is Evil" and was produced with the help of former Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde.

T: A solid single as we've come to expect from the Clearlake boys, but if anyone hears "The Mind Is Evil" and doesn't think of The Smiths, then they need packing off to the funny farm in my opinion.

N: I was disappointed with the abrupt fade at the end of the frist track "Come Into The Darkness", but I have no problem in agreeing with you that the following track was certainly the best on their latest album. 6/10

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Ian McCulloch - Love In Veins (Cooking Vinyl)

One of the best interviewees we've ever had the good fortune to speak with at Atomicduster, McCulloch returned with his excellent "Slideling" album recently, and releases this uplifting slice of pop in mid July.

T: I don't mean any disrespect to any of the last handful of artists we've reviewed, but there's no denying it, when you get to somebody of Mac's quality, there's only one thing you can say - Class tells.

N: It's not just the music, it's his voice too that makes this so distinctive. Enough said really. 9/10

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The Archers - Break The Spell (Full On)

With Joe and Clarrie having taken time out to visit the shores of France this summer, and Ruth..."oooh nooo"...

T: What are you on about, and how do you know so much about a crappy radio 4 soap opera?

N: Born and bred mate, born and bred.

T: Anyway apparently this band "has to do well, as they've promised Billy Corgan they'll play together soon". Well maybe this is a grower, but on first listen, I'm afraid to say it didn't really tickle my tonsils too much.

N: It will come as no surprise that Parisienne brothers Sarrane and Idir have absolutely nothing to do with Radio 4's continuing story of mild mannered country folk. But irrelevance to one side for a moment, this itself is fairly mild mannered and will I'm sure find its way onto a Radio Two playlist somewhere. 6/10




Peter Gabriel - Growing Up (Virgin)

I don't think this guy needs any introduction really. You know who he is.

T: OK, I'll give credit where it's due, Peter Gabriel has, in the past released his fair share of classic singles. "Biko" always sticks out in my mind as an important one, and "Solsbury Hill" was a great song before Erasure got hold of it. However he has also released his fair share of stinkers, as well as a handful of inbetweeners. This one falls into the latter category. Not a huge amount of direction, but not too much to dislike about it either.

N: What doesn't surprise me is that the album version and single edit sit side by side here, and where the album version clocks in at a massive seven and a half minutes, the single is whittled down to a meagre three.Apart from taking up more than sixty percent more of my time, I can't see that this version has any more to offer. In essence, what you said. 5/10

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The Bandits - Take It and Run (Centro Del Blanco)

Nu-Scouse-Rockers? What? Apparently this band has become highly collectable on Ebay lately...

T: I guess this is ok if you miss the original Fleetwood Mac lineup THAT much...

N: Basically, I think you're either going to love this or hate it. And Ebay is well known for attracting the crazier element of the collecting community. Need I say more? 3/10



Motion City Soundtrack - My Favorite Accident (Epitaph Europe)

Hey we've already given them an intro in this month's albums section. We don't do any more work than we need to you know!

T: Sounds just like Hundred Reasons, Jimmy Eat World or any other recent "emo" bands you care to mention, and whilst it may be a relatively pleasant way to pass the time, it ain't gonna set your pants on fire.

N: I like the melody. In fact this sounds like any of those bands you previously mentioned, disguised as someone else. My opinion is that the lead track suffers a little too much from sounding derivative, but take a chance on this single and discover the b-side and I think you'll find yourself rewarded.

T: I totally agree. "Boombox Generation" is a far superior track.

N: However, I can see why the powers that be released "My Favorite Accident" as the lead. 6/10



The Kills - Pull A U (Domino)

The second single to be lifted from the acclaimed "Keep On Your Mean Side" album is released at the end of this month and features a cover of Jonathan Fire Eater's "The Search For Cherry Red" on the flip side of a 7" only release.

N: Flavour of the moment, The Kills certainly have the knack of taming their guitars PJ Harvey style. Throughout, this is a single of true great proportions, from the lead track to the cover they have evidently chosen with care.

T: Possibly one of the best covers I have ever heard to be honest, and if I can go one step further I think it perhaps outshines even the main track, in itself an excellent Patti Smith style dirty guitarfest with, as you say, definite Polly J undertones. 10/10

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Les Flames - Mutley 1 From Essex/Professional Stalker (Wrath Records)

This French outfit made a home for themselves in Leeds in May 2002 and are soon to set about "inflicting Garlic-themed garage rock" on an unsuspecting Britain.

N: This possesses a musical innocence that I find attractive. Pity (or maybe not) the lyrics are quite blatant in their approach. Punk sensibilities roar theri presence here, great driving tunes with windows down (no pretenses here) preferably on a summer's afternoon.

T: I like the quote about musical innocence, because that's about all you can say about it really. It's a lively tune and I quite enjoyed it, but it's nothing new. 7/10

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Robbie Williams - Something Beautiful (EMI)

So are we going to let us entertain him or not?

N: As we sit down to write, this tune has become a parody of itself, down to excessive airplay - and the single hasn't even been released yet!

T: Yes it's definitely been milked a fair bit, but let's be honest here, only as much as ALL his other records...with "Angels" being the worst culprit. Still, on this occasion, I'm quite pleased because it's given me the opportunity to finally realise who it is that Robbie has based himself more than anyone - Sir Elton John! Just listen to any Williams song and try to tell me you couldn't imagine Elton singing it. See? And it became even more evident with this release, as at times it sounds exactly like the camp superstar's seventies smash "Part Time Love".

N: Ok, so we've heard it before, being the third track from the earlier released "Escapology", but Robbie's exuberance from his megastar deal screams out here. A rock star maybe, and I can't doubt its brilliance, but Robbie, I'm bored - change the record. I can't help being reminded of David Essex's portrayal of the tortured artist in the film "Stardust". 6/10

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Relaxed Muscle - Billy Jack/Sexualized (Rough Trade)

T: Complete this sentence Nick - Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...

N: Jarvis Cocker!

T: Got it in one!

N: Now this is where music SHOULD be at - innovative, paced and with that stranger than fiction story to accompany the bizarre threads the music exposes.

T: I'm going to have to agree. Whether Darren Spooner will take his eccentricity to the level of Cocker by making Michael Jackson cry after some serious arse wiggling is yet to be seen, but let's keep our fingers crossed! Top tunes. 9/10



Delays - Hey Girl (Rough Trade)

The NME called this "an ethereal and freewheeling scree of loveliness" so let's give it a whirl...

T: The most sixties sounding single I've heard in the last couple of decades. Reminds me of the Mamas and Papas musically. I suppose there's a slight "Mr.Tambourine Man" feel somewhere in there too.

N: This is "summer of love" rock 'n' roll, played in a field out of the back of a VW camper van. It has the foot tapping catchiness (which would suggest it would stay with me) but unfortunately just doesn't cut the mustard. Subsequent tracks are better.

T: I thought it was a good dreamy single personally, and your opening gambit summed the whole thing up perfectly. 7/10



The Veils - Guilding Light (Rough Trade)

20 year old singer Finn Andrews honed his craft over in New Zealand but found the music scene too restrictive over there so he relocated to the UK, and since reaching the other side of the world, a certain Mr. Bernard Butler has had a hand in the production of this group's output.

T: I have only two words for this single. Utterly superb.

N: Vocalist Andrews sounds older than his meagre twenty years. His voice comes across as that of a middle aged alcoholic the wrong side of fifty, three divorces behind him, sucking life's resources and four teenage kids proving more trouble than they are worth. I can definitely place Butler's involvement here, from one fine musician to hopefully another in the making. You're right, this stands out. But check out track two here, "Need Is Water". Dreamy rhythms will send time almost backwards.

T: Yep, it's a great single. Powerful, compelling and totally uplifting. And the track you mentioned was also fantastic, and reminded me of a cross between Radiohead and three Smiths songs - "Well I Wonder", "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" and "I Know It's Over". Buy this. It's wonderful. 10/10



Ten Speed Racer - Fifteen (Red Flag Records)

The follow up to "Your Demon Heart", this is the second single to be lifted from the band's eponymous debut album in September.

T: Another good single, but perhaps not quite as instantly embraceable as a single they released some time ago entitled "Listen To Bits". Still, it's well produced and infinitely listenable. I'll leave you to comment on the single's sleeve...

N: Before I let you stray onto your teenage musings, I would at first have to agree with your comment of their earlier single. Although this is good, it's not AS good and I found it tended to slip into a continuos pattern after a while. Sleeve note - UURGH!, why is this sticky?

T: Well you'd know, after all you're the one who's been "looking after it". 8/10

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M83 - Run Into Flowers (Gooom)

French duo Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau release this, the first single from their "Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts" album at the end of July.

T: Sounds like a harder edged version of the Alpinestars rather than their fellow countrymen (and numerically symmetrical) Air. And it all works marvellously. I've always liked a bit of white noise in my music and there's a fair bit of that here.

N: An interesting release from this French duo - rather than conventional mixes, the group appear to have presented us with four totally different musical takes of the same tune, and they really are quite spectacular. Best digested in stereo, some of the play they have achieved with the imagery is fun. 10/10

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