Single Reviews: April 2007


Bright Eyes - Four Winds (Polydor) 02/04/2007

T: Conor Oberst has long established himself as a leading songwriter of the noughties generation, releasing a plethora of critically acclaimed and beautifully crafted, diverse albums. Take, for instance, his decision to put out two albums on the same day in 2005 - the charming, folksy "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" and the electro rhythm of the aptly titled "Digital Ash In Digital Urn". This should go some way to explaining just how fond of new challenges the still very young Oberst is, and this is no exception. "Four Winds" is rather like The Waterboys or maybe even The Wonder Stuff when Martin Bell is at the forefront of the track. This is an easy, summery affair and it's easy to find yourself being whisked away.

N: Nothing to do with rabbits crossing the road, or an American with curly hair, you will be pleased to hear, although I was shattered - I was looking forward to a good weepie.

T: Girl.

N: But moving on, the already well trodden Bright Eyes bring a melody filled number, laden with political observation and educated vervour. 9/10

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Malcolm Middleton - Beep Beep, I Love You (Full Time Hobby) 02/04/2007

T: Malc does a Radiohead and censors the naughtiest part of the record in order to perhaps appeal to the masses and maybe even dent the top 40. It's a wise move, although the purists among us will favour the more corruptive "Fuck It, I Love You" title that appears on his excellent album "A Brighter Beat". It's a romantic number that drifts along nicely, though if I'm brutally honest, practically every other track on the latter long player betters this one. "Pleasant" is the only word to describe this.

N: Nice song, intriguing title, but unfortunately radio play deems that we are not allowed to hear the offending words - or should that be "offensive words". In fairness, nice, but not a great deal of bite. 7/10

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Elliott Minor - Parallel Worlds (Repossession) 02/04/2007

T: Not a solo artist, and this is immediately apparent without even reading the press blurb, as the single sounds like a third year fistfight between Busted and Fall Out Boy. It lasts about three minutes, like the fight would, is rather flimsy, as the boys probably would be, and will not be remembered in six months' time, let alone six years.

N: Elliott Minor? Sounds more like a car than five young men kicking out emo riffs in the style of bloated rock. Alright for the three minutes already mentioned; I'd say "close but no cigar", but I'm afraid they'd get sent to the headmaster and detention after school. 3/10

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