Single Reviews: February 2007


Brakes - Cease and Desist (Rough Trade) 26/02/2007

T: I'm biased, because Brakes are my favourite current band, so I'm going to let Nick go first, in an effort to stop myself shrieking like a girl about how great it is.

N: Lulling us into the false sense we are visting another Monkees from their brief introduction, then trusting this down our throats as the band proceed to hammer out this noise filled number with gusto and mustard. Refreshingly unashamed, especially from the uncensored version.

T: Well, I'm glad you liked it too. I'm also going to let you mark it, because like I said, I'm biased and would give it full marks.

N: Nine. 9/10

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Clinc - If You Could Read Your Mind 05/02/2007

N: Continuing in the vein of their album 'Visitations' from which this is taken, a sound with a far darker air greets our ears. A band who are certainly instantly recognisable and one whose rock out sound will set feet tapping and heads whirling with its intoxicity.

T: "Have we not just listened with Sarah", Clinic would undoutable come across as the off kilter thoroughly original band that they normally do. Somehow though, Sarah's made them sound like sensible boys with nice haircuts. Even so, the mask wearing scousers prove they can still knock out a good tune a decade on from whence they began. Another winner from one of the most reliable bands of the moment. 8/10

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Listen With Sarah - The World of Listen With Sarah EP (Cherryade) 05/02/2007

T: Seeing as we reviewed a single by LWS very recently, I think we should do this one very quickly and just say it's just as mad as the music we heard from the one woman institution only moments ago. Some tracks work a lot better than others but it's still largely entertaining, if not a tad headache inducing.

N: Six more utterly original moments of digital mayhem where the CD repeat button must surely have been the influence behind this whole project. Well, it certainly wasn't Lennon and McCartney. 7/10

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