Single Reviews: February 2006


Cornershop [feat. Rowetta] - Wop The Groove (Rough Trade) 06/02/2006

With these guys back treading the boards, this one could go either way. Rather than a track wothy of a single release though, unfortunatly "Wop The Groove" turns out to be a rather ramshakle studio jam, low on lyrics and high on effects, with little thought of their placing within the music. Rowetta is brought in to add her vocal power to the tune, but I was rather hoping for a little more than "Wop the groove, Rum and Coke the groove, y'all". The B-side is a similarly experimental jam, that hears the inner sleeve notes from a Dixons C-90 cassette turned into a vocal, where are these guys coming from? 2/10

Nick James

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