Single Reviews: January 2008


Mark Timothy - Falling (Absolute Marketing and Distribution Ltd) 28/01/2008

T: A single that will excite people who watch Hetty Wainthrop Investigates...

N: ...and those awful Saturday night competitions where Sharon Osbourne is a panel member, the second number improves this singer's game, but will the audience at home save them for inclusion in next weeks program?

T: In short, this is as exciting as a ride on the monorail. 3/10 [Comment]

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Cass McCombs - That's That (Domino) 21/01/2008

N: Are first impressions always right? Well, in the case of Cass Mccombs, we start off in an impressive fashion, and this continues as the number slithers through the opening half of the song, before breaking down and then once again turning up the heat and the rumbling bassline to the end of the song.

T: To me it sounds like Shakin' Stevens with a caffeine habit.

N: That greased back quiff is most certainly there amongst these passages.

T: This is not a good thing, I hasten to add.

N: In short, keep that rumbling bassline and that slithering melody, and put the job of vocalist up for tender in the small ads section of Music Week. 6/10

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Lightspeed Champion - Tell Me What It's Worth (Domino) 14/01/2008

T: A beautiful, lilting tune that ought to put Lightspeed Champion under starters orders with the nation's music lovers. But he wants to know what it's worth? Well, probably about 99p initially...

N: Very much like the indie music coming out of the North of England in the early nineties - The Dylans, Milltown Brothers and countless others, their record companies were trying to kickstart their careers by selling off singles, funnily enough, at 99p.

T: A summer tune in the middle of winter. 8/10 [Comment]

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Sons And Daughters - Darling (Domino) 14/01/2008

T: The latest from the offspring sounds like your mate's cute younger sister throwing a bit of a strop because he won't lend her his bike. And very effective it is too.

N: You will throw these pseudo-sexual images in my path! I'm trying my hardest to retain my composure, and I have to go back to those memories of that terrible Oz soap opera that was in itself its own kitsch philosophy, throwing the proverbial bucket of cold water over my frustrated self, which warms me to this band every time I hear them. Or it could be just that their weather beaten alternative rock is so bloody good. Either way, perhaps I shouldn't think so hard, and just enjoy the ride. 7/10 [Comment]

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Underworld - Beautiful Burnout ( 14/01/2008

T: A very pleasant listen.. It's almost as if Underworld have become the "easy listening" grandaddy of the IDM universe.

N: Images of Renton still come to mind when hearing Underworld's contribution, so strong an identity have the band set up. Easy listening for the rave generation is about right; music you can still get monged to as you sit almost comatose in your recliner, or very possibly your beanbag, but the joints aren't so forgiving now, so we're just waiting for an assisted variety to be developed. 7/10 [Comment]

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The Rivers - Knock Me Down (Nocarnon Records) November

T: Apparently big things are expected of The Rivers in 2008, and the NME claim they are an "act not to be missed". Why? They just sound exactly like every other band you'll hear on the radio on a daily basis. I'd rather sit indoors watching "Countdown" than bother with this motley crew (Nick, I'm hoping you can avoid the bloody obvious comment here...) - in short, this is...actually better with the sound of you tapping the lightshade, if I'm totally honest...

N: My bloody obvious comment is Pete Doherty. It really sounds nothing like Motley Crue, to be honest.

T: Oh fuck off.

N: It's just susprising that a magazine of such stature as the NME no longer seem to have staff that can go out on a limb and predict 'the next big thing'. Oh, sorry that's the job of Sharon Osbourne and Louie Walsh. Umm, our point exactly. 2/10 [Comment]

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