Single Reviews: January 2007


Indi Forde - Crystal Green (South West Recordings) 29/01/2007

T: Very clean production and a tune that sounds like it's come straight off James Morrison's "Undiscovered" album until it goes off one one for a surprisingly exciting guitar break. Hell, just do a song with ONLY the guitar break next time. The rest of the tune is like having jam sandwiches for lunch. Neither exciting nor inspiring, but not totally unappealing either.

N: James Morrison was exactly the route I was going to take, or any number of artists of that ilk currently in vogue. Time will be our judge, but starting from that clean production, I found the other elements the artist had used tended to give a far too cluttered sound, although the single provided 3 tracks with which to judge, and these again provided far too little in the way of inspiration. 5/10

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Listen With Sarah - My Little Hula Girl / Animal Boum (Cherryade) 29/01/2007

N: To describe the sound found here as Niche be truly fitting. Samping taken to its extreme, where a host of soundbites rub shoulders with farmyard animals and pre hip-hop beats to build a picture of sheer lunacy. Delightful whilst at the same time prompting the question of mental stability for both artis and listeners alike.

T: I actually find some of it to be rather like a fucked up version of early Saint Etienne, in particular "Wilson" from "Foxbase Alpha". That said, this is a highly original set of tunes; after all it's not often you hear chamber music layered with breakbeats and helped along the way with our furry four legged friends. All in all, utterly ridiculous but impossible not to love.

N: That's what I said. 8/10 [check out the awesome MySpace. Marlon has never grooved so well]

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Beangrowers - I Like You (Series 8) 29/01/2007

N: Being not the most lucrative of industries to be involved in these days, the Beangrowers have diversified, and are now producing music rather than soya mash, Heinz Baked Beans or Runners, as was their former speciality.

T: Riiiight. Moving swiftly on, there's something extremely erotic about a female vocalist yelling at you to "take your clothes off" at the start of this song. Hell, I wish more women would shout that at me...

N: Not a chance!

T: You're just jealous. Anyway, this is a reasonable take on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a Maltese slant.

N: It's a quietly confident take on the music of punk (Blondie) and the birth of indie (Bleach) and soon draws you into their sound. I can't wait to hear the album. 7/10

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Lior - Autumn Flow (Red Ink) 22/01/2007

T: It doesn't bode well that the guy looks like Mick Hucknall on the cover, to be honest...

N: So you're blind as well as deaf then are you?!

T: Ah come on, he has the Hucknall glare. Thankfully though, his music is nothing like the sleazemeister. In a word, I could review this single just by saying "Sweet". Elliott Smith on a more cheery day perhaps. And hey, at least he's not got ginger hair.

N: (blows raspberry) I haven't got ginger hair! It's auburn! You could even say this is reminiscent of the Buckley clan. Certainly their spirit can be heard walking through this music. 8/10

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Saxon - If I Was You (SPV) 20/01/2007

T: I used to LOVE Saxon in my early teens. Many a car journey was spent listening to "Princess of the Night", "747 (Strangers In The Night)" or "Denim and Leather" before my parents turned the "racket" down. And to be fair, the band don't actually sound like the middle aged fiftysomethings they obviously are. Perhaps Nick can shed some light on why this is so?

N: A tardis might be the first assumption, as these guys sound almost like we have slipped through a fisher in time, but knowing that even Professor Hawking dismisses this as pure fantasy, I'll have to settle for the fact that the band have been working with renowned producers Mark Wallis and David Ruffy (Razorlight, U2, The Stranglers) and as such, have found a reinvigorated sound, refreshed and recharged. Is that enough of an explanation for you?

T: It'll do. 7/10

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Good Shoes - The Photos On My Wall (Brille Records) 25/12/2006

T: Like an insanely cheerful version of Robert Smith. This is a punchy pop single that follows on from the enjoyable "All In My Head" and marvellous "We Are Not The Same". I can hear some similarities with The Nightingales too, which makes the whole thing even more appealing. A damn good single to end 2006 with.

N: It may already have been said, but The Cure - and especially Robert Smith - come dancing at you from the speakers as you play this, maybe even a nod and a wink to Joy Division, but most certainly possessing a lighter air. A beautiful single in its entirety, raw and dancing in its element. The band should certainly be considered one to watch for 2007. 9/10

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The Answer – Come Follow Me (Albert Productions) 18/12/2006

As we all suffer the latest x-factor drivel it is nice to get a slice of real music. Released last Monday Come follow me is the third single by the Answer from their debut album ‘Rise’. You know I don’t want to get all sentimental with you but being old and decrepit but sometimes it is nice to get a single land on your door mat that takes you back to when men had permed mullets, played a proper six string axe, wore tight genes and if you were lucky your drummer had two arms, well this single does all this and more.

The track come follow me immediately reminds you of 1987 when Whitesnake, Def Leppard and Alice Copper were ruling the charts, were as the press release says that the band are hoping for 50,000 sales worldwide by Christmas. In the eighties even Saxon wouldn’t get out of bed for that – well alas that is how the music business has changed.
The Answer don’t promise to be anything other than a good metal band and with its David Coverdale esque vocals and excellent guitar solo this is a good outing to rock island. The Answer will be successful in 2007, not in a Darkness way (a flash in the pan and then gone) but a hard working band who will keep metal live with continual touring. I hope that they get some recognition which keeps driving them on rather than crashing by the roadside as so many have done before.

If you like your singles heavier than average then I suspect this one is for you. 7/10

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