Single Reviews: January 2006


Micah P Hinson - Yard Of Blonde Girls (Full Time Hobby) 30/01/2006

The cult classic, once recorded and performed by the late-great Jeff Buckly, see's a reworking here by Tennessee son, Micah P Hinson. Listening to this, in the shadow of Jeff's recorded version found on "Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk", is a revelation. That this version, so far removed from Buckley's, recorded as tribute to the father and son for the album "Dream Brother..." is quite something, it's like listening off-set during the filming of "O Brother Where Art Thou". The number gathers a pace never before found on Buckley's working, but never having heard the original I reserve judgement on whether this is the closer. All in good fun. 7/10

Nick James

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Magnet – Fall At Your Feet (Atlantic) 05/12/2005

No, it’s not a cover of the old Crowded House standard; this is Magnet’s own romantic vision of love, not a million miles from the musical offerings of Athlete and, if we’re being totally honest, the Finn brothers from the aforementioned Kiwi band. But hey, when it’s done well, I’m not completely averse to a decent love song, which is, in a nutshell, just what this is. 7/10

Tone E

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