Live reviews - Tetra Splendor - October 2001


Tetra Splendour supp. The Charmers - The Charlotte

Watching a new band with no expectations whatsoever is an especially liberating feeling for any critique. Especially liberating when they impress against the odds.

It's tough playing to 15 people in a 300 capacity venue believe me I've been there... Months of writing, recording and rehearsing a creation can be fulfilling in itself but the road to glory is filled with dashed hopes yet pompous delusion about your chances of making it. Tetra Splendours -four members seem quite humble natured but their sound is the Daniel Lambert of hugeness. Imagine Baron Von Frankenstein's laboratory at its creative overhead feeding a demented experiment of raw energy. Tetra Splendour really do sound epic...until you see the song titles like 'furry dice' and 'Muriels' Motorhome' yet these songs have the post modern existentialist yearning that drives our kids wild!

 I hate having to make music comparisons to other bands but the guitarist really does look and sound like the little brother of Radioheads Johnny Greenwood. Pouting underneath a chin length fringe, a skinny torso hunched over many, many guitar effects pedals producing guitar chords just like Johnny Greenwood, ALA 'the bends'. Relief is at hand because the singer, Gareth (who looks like a girl) saves the day with an original array of melodic and quirky analogue keyboard sounds. I haven't mentioned his towering live voice that unfortunately really isn't a highlight of the studio recordings.

Luckily I heard the single 'de rail'after the live show, I say luckily because I feel I'd already seen the band in its best element, however they are still young and the best is certainly yet to come from Tetra Splendour.

'De-Rail' is out on Wishakismo Recordings

The Charmers are a four-piece guitar/harmonies band from Leicester with an average age of.... errrm 30 something. I found this well seasoned band quite depressing simply because it's a case of 'what if'and 'if only' since their window of opportunity now seems little more than a crack in the wall. Damn this fickle and cosmetic world...Damn it all to hell.

The Charmers have some wonderful and touching songs.

The 'girl from next door' that snubs you for the asshole from the local pub.

The guy who snubs the 'girl from next door' to play footie and snooker with his mates.

Imagine the Hollies with a touch of 70s Bowie sang by four losers in the nicest possible way. Na'im Cortazzi, photo credit - Henry O'Dwyer

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