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Summer Sundae 10th-12th August 2007, De Montfort Hall, Leicester

Sundae Rising

“Nice to see you all, especially the man who came up to me at the bar earlier and said ‘Ah, that was good timing Steve – you still owe me a beer from two years ago!’ What a great way to start the festival”.

So announced BBC Radio 6Music’s slightly bemused Steve Lamacq in his first onstage foray. I’m proud to inform you, that man was me. Well, you know, I like to make my presence felt wherever I go! To his credit, he did indeed buy me that very refreshing pint of Guinness, and told me to watch out for a band called The Author, so there you go. Watch this space.

The sun was shining on Summer Sundae this year, for a change, so let’s hit the rewind button to lunchtime on Friday and guide you through the weekend’s bumper packed action...


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