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Star* Bodixa - the Shed, Leicester

Star* Bodixa play original love songs and lordy do they play them well. Tonight they work hard to woo the mainly nu metal 15 year olds who are too scared to admit they like the music because their mates might call them sissy!. Funny that, when I was a teenager the lads were into Judas Priest and the like and yet I got called gayboy for liking Depeche Mode...the irony!!

It's a strange time for this band, they have a polished, passionate and pretty direct live show which seems to appeal best to the more thoughful and imaginative independent mind. They have released the honey dripping new single "Fairytailed" and I'm told it's the biggest seller in their home region of Yorkshire. Getting National airplay has been a slog with Radio 1 saying it's more Radio 2 and Radio 2 saying it's more Radio 1...infuriating.

Meanwhile I'm really enjoying the show and afterwards chat to the the extremely charming singer Anna Elias who without much doubt in my mind really has that X-Factor that naff shows like Fame Academy search for in vain. Perhaps now isn't the right time for this band what with the music climate geared towards trashy punk-rock and kareoke, but in time perhaps music movers and shakers will come to the realisation that good songs will always rise above scenes and trends. And there's no sell by date on good songs.

Naim Cortazzi

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