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Starbodixa, Leicester Charlotte & Joseph's Well, Leeds

Fairytailed, get this pixie dust out of my eyes!

I'll be honest, my first impression of Starbodixa came when I saw a poster for their gig in Leicester, they looked a bit like characters in a "this life" sort of comedy drama series on channel 4. My second impression was meeting singer and front woman Anna Elias (cool name! her father is a christain minister) who is very enchanting indeed...like one of the elves in Lord of the Rings, fragile, beautiful but distant (jeez it sounds like I've got a crush!) errr yes, important qualities in a frontperson.

I saw them play and they were really quite good but it wasn't until the last few songs of their set that the songs got to me. If you get to see them live, like them and then hear their new album 'And they danced on glass' you won't be disappointed. Like the live set the album gets better as you listen. The songs of Star Bodixa remind me of listening to Dubstar for the first time, they have a northern charm and turn of phrase but are not rough round the edges at all.

After the gig in Leicester I was invited to see them again at Joseph's Well, a venue in Leeds. They went down alot better in front of a home crowd. I got to meet their management again, Bill stands at the front mouthing every word and then helps the band unpack and pack every last bit of equipment before asking my details so he can send me their promo, a real hands on man. Phil, the other half of BPM management takes care of the business (sounds quite mafia!) and after a brief chat he has already convinced me that this band have one of the best teams behind them! It turns out he also co-runs the Indie label Uglyman Music who gave Elbow their first meaningful break. There's alot more I could say but I'll leave that for next months issue of Atomicduster where we'll feature the trials and tribulations of running an Indie, can't wait!

As I was saying anyway 'And they danced on glass' gets very strong and thematic in the middle with the gorgeous 'Film Song' which follows the feel good single-tastic songs of 'Fairytailed' (a single itself) and 'Balloon' which could be a Bond theme song. 'Outside' is so fruity that I want to eat it! a wonderful chorus too, hinting at the Cardigans (what happened to them?)

All the ingredients are here for success and with some plugging, better photos and radio play Starbodixa won't only be the talk of the town! 'And They danced on glass' by Starbodixa is out in September on Energy Records. Meanwhile you can hear their new single "Give me Rain" when it's released on 15th July.

Na'im Cortazzi


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