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Roseanne Barr – De Montfort Hall, Leicester (10th February 2006).

You have to give it to Leicester, having created a fairly lively, although perhaps a tad conservative social scene, that alongside the Summer Sundae music festival and the collection of live music artists throughout the city's remaining music venues, that they also stage a comedy festival each year. Well now into its 13th annual jaunt (for the superstitious among you this may send shivers down your spine) it was up to that American domestic goddess of daytime TV Roseanne Barr to kick off this years festival.

Ok, so that wasn't strictly the case, as preceeding her only 2 UK dates, was a somewhat begging Alan Carr, star of Channel 4's "Friday Night Project", whose slant on northern working class humour may have been diluted somewhat by the audience's anticipation of their main 'dish'. Despite the occasional 'dead-end' in which this comedian found himself (jokes that the audience seemed unwilling to offer assistance) Alan's performance was an altogether harmless one, although he was able to assuredly offer not to upstage the main act.

Following a break in proceedings, Roseanne offered yet another support in the form of "Jackie Beat", a cross dressed comedian, whose penchant for dildos and take on brash comedy, was an unashamed 10 or so minutes leading up to tonight's main act. Roseanne took to the stage, I suppose in true "Roseanne Barr" fashion, shuffling into our line of vision dressed in a house coat and slippers, her hair in curlers and seeming somewhat ill prepared. This obviously wasn't the case, proceeding into an act assisted by a slideshow presentation of various key images all of which were poltical in nature. The show brought us America in I have to say a rather sloppy manner, dealing with issues from the bible - "only the drunk and the insane will be saved", to kids - " what I say, not as I do, the ungrateful little bastards...", through sex, marriage and illustraing the point with her own, somewhat odd situation - a young mother of 53!?

We touched on current affairs, from the obvious Iraq to 9/11 and described the situation in the middle east as a "huge flaming mug of shit!". That's perhaps as cutting as we got, but all this has been done so much better by others who were far more
able to pull off this kind humour than the daughter of Barbara Bush. Rounding off, we were finally lead into the reason for the house coat and slippers, as she pulled this attire away and dressed in peticoat and stilettos, proceeded to give us a somewhat cheeky sing along, but to be perfectly honest I felt disappointed that although this did feature singing and dancing, wasn't ALL that.

Nick James

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