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Rocky Horror Picture Show (30th Anniversay),
De Montfort Hall, Leicester

(If like me your a Rocky Horror virgin then I'd recommend you try anything once!)

A passionate and thought provoking drama/musical about lost innocence and scarred lives, dashed idealism then damning betrayal...all the ingredients of a Russian literary masterpeice...but it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane because The Rocky Horror Picture Show is none of the above so put on your suspenders and lace, spread your legs, take a step to the right do the time warp...again!

If you've had a sheltered upbringing then it's definately worth entering the warped and filty mind of Richard O'Brian. Forget the Crystal Maze this is unadulterated fun rooted in the tradition of Sodom and Gommorah.

If you've a penchant for B-Movie incontinuity and absurdness then the Rocky Horror Picture Show should really tickle your fancy, cross dressing perversion, rock opera and sexual decadence all wrapped up in a song and dance. The plot: Take Cliff Richard from "Summer Holiday" and call him Brad. Get him naked and shagged up the butt by a transvestite from the distant planet Translyvania called "Rocky".

Take Brads' fiancee Janet (like Sandy from "Grease"), get her naked and shagged senseless by the same transvestite from Transylvania called "Rocky". Have his replicant of a perfect human "Frank en Furter" dancing like a model from the Gay Chat advert also shag her senseless.

Have them singing over some heavy glam riffs and then kill everyone except Brad and Janet (who now hate each other) with a particle laser gun... and there my friends, you have it. A world embracing vision of the future, a monster global hit that took it's creator Richard O'Brian out from the dole que and into show business legend.

30 years on the affection for this unique, swinging show hasn't vanished. Anything that attracts a sell out, grown up audience from the mundane reality of 9 to 5 on a Monday night in Leicester - into drag and crotchless panties can only be a good thing...can't it?

Raj Turbo

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