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Ozric Tentacles/Eat static, Shepherds Bush Empire 29.03.02

In a dingy hole known as the Shepherds Bush Empire, hundreds of hippies congregated for the Pongmaster’s Ball. Okay hippy sounds a bit harsh, but as soon as I stepped in the joint I was awash with the smell of the ole’ Mary j and the sight of tie dye and dreadlocks…wondering what the hell I had got myself into…across town the Strokes were playing and here I was stuck in dread zone…many people my age at one time or another in their life have seen the Ozric Tentacles. I admit it I was an Ozric virgin. Having heard various tunes in years gone by I was keen to experience what so many others know so much about these so-called legends of the underground…psychedelic, techno loving, rave freaks…loud, ambient, full of images and sounds, there’s no doubt these guys have vision it just isn’t the same as mine…I am more a melody type o’ gal and felt a bit out of place amongst the masses of nerds. Eat Static, on the other hand, are louder, funkier and in a good light far more appealing. The folks that left after the Ozrics set certainly missed out on a bundle of galactic style influences…All in all an interesting experience, I just wish my cherry hadn’t been popped in an orgy of people who resemble robot wars/games workshop lovers.

Jenny McCambridge

Ozric Tentacles / Eat Static

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