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One Big Sunday – Victoria Park, Leicester

Leicester plays the unlikely but happy host to One Big Sunday, more accurately described as the Radio One road show with "cool" DJ's as crowd exciters! It's a great day for it, an estimated 100.000 people and an unbelievable amount of pikies
(a term describing lads who wear Fred Perry t-shirts and baseball caps that have a penchant for crime and an aversion to personal hygene)
and many, many skimpily clad young ladies.
...let's have a peak at the line up....uh oh

Holly Vallance
Look don't listen
Puddle of Mud
Something for misguided skater kids who think Fred Durst has dress sense
They were made for festivals, but were only allowed to play 4 numbers!
Diamonds in the ruff
Dj Romeo
Talentless, tuneless, egocentric. his lyrics go,
"Romeo, he's the kind of guy you wanna sleep with"....yawn
Alicia Keys
What is she doing this far away from Diva Ville?!! Lucky you only got to play 2 songs because that's all you've got...and one of them is the Prince Song "How come you don't call me anymore"...which you murdered. Cheers.

Hand on heart this show was all hype and no substance, such a shame in the words of Talk Talk.
Radio One.
If your going to have a festival, then put on bands and not corporate shit.
I can see I'm not gonna get far with this but,
Fact. 100. 000 people came
Fact. 100. 000 people left...disappointed.
Lets hope next year they give 100, 000 people some real talent.

Thanks for the memories, Naim Cortazzi


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