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Ocean Colour Scene - Birmingham Academy

A packed Birmingham Academy played host to the unsung '90's heros of British guitar music, Ocean Colour Scene and did they pull the crowds!

As always, first on were their support and Paul Weller look-a-like, sound-a-like Kevin Iverson took up this mantle, entertaining the masses for a good half-an-hour. Next on The Real People, a scouse group belonging some where in 'rock's' past, appeared slightly out of place on this modern circuit and although filling a 'gap', did seem to fit some-what like a pair of Britney Jeans on my grandmother!

Finally! OCS took to the stage and began with an amazing rendition of the Riverboat Song, much to everyones delight. The 24 song set was made up of 'classic' favourites, old and new, but not content with that we were also treated to 4 'virgin'songs as they launched into 'North Atlantic Drift', 'For Every Corner', 'She's Been Writing' and as always one other that escaped my eager clutches.

The band were truly a delight to bear witness to and as the set drew to a close, Oscar Harrison sent his drums pounding to the floor, prompting one spectator to comment, "...they're simply The Who of our generation...".

Liam Day


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