Article | NME / Carling tour

NME/Carling tour 2001

feat. JJ72, Amen, Alfie & Star Sailor

Four bands, one packed venue, and a bill which could define this years "

scene"....that scene being an "anti scene" real common thread between

each of the four bands....and maybe that's where this countries at. Enough

analysing! First up are "STARSAILOR", who are the new darlings of the muzak

press.....Can they survive the hype? Tonight, they certainly seem worthy

of all those column inches....tight as a nut, strong songs, lifted by a

beautiful vocal, reminiscent of Mike Scott. The instrumentation commands

the attention of the over-25's; if they had a second guitarist, they'd be

indie....but the keys add that "muso" slant which will certainly appeal to

a potentially huge a less derivative Gomez with a more

mass appealing vocal.

Next up are ALFIE.They have a singer who styles himself on Tim Burgess, and

a band who seem to aspire to be a school cut the crap, they

are the Charlatans without the sound, OR any hint of the songs....yes,

they really are THAT bad.…needless to say, the crowd love em!

Rock is back, and so to spearhead this alarming thought are AMEN. They pour

onto the stage, and the NU-ROCK Kids lunge forwards to mosh to, what could

be ANY songless metal band that's currently treading the boards. Still, the

kids don't remember Napalm Death, so to them, AMEN are probably the

medicine to soothe their puberty - ridden lives....AMEN , were almost

good....if only their tongue was in their cheek.

The public get what the public (school kids) want. JJ72. Take one good

looking angel-voiced singer/guitarist, one sultry female bassist, one

pretty boy drummer, and a "teach yourself guitar" book, and you are left

with this band. Nothing to moan about, really....they are the classic

"quiet/loud/quiet" indie band.....musically unambitious....but they "do the

job", in the same way that Aldi's baked beans "fill you up ", and my

cousin's Skoda "get's her from A to B "....JJ72 are functional, and until

Radiohead's new album's out, everyone seems happy to push the JJ's higher up

the chart with every single release.

Last year's NME / Carling tour had Coldplay bottom of the bill....this year

Starsailor take the same place….this time next year, the world will all be

saying " Hello (Star)Sailor".

John Meredith


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