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Nectar, The Charlotte, Leicester 12.04.02

Are one of Leicester’s most passionate bands. Twins John and Andy Bennet on drums and vocals share a vision that gathers like-minded mariachi’s. Andy sings his own take on urban romanticism from the EP “Give my love to the sunrise”. “You got nothing to lose as time slips away....You got no choice to choose. Just your life to save”.

Over the past couple of years I have seen various incarnations of Nectar but this line up seems the most assured yet. David Fellows plays a lonesome trumpet throughout that stridently echo’s the saddened vocals. They sound like Lambchop meets The Flaming Lips. I think the time has come now for Nectar to try and make a name for themselves outside of Leicester because there worth it...and Lord knows the U.K needs it now more than ever.

Na’im Cortazzi

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