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Nada Surf - The Charlotte, Leicester

The fact that I can't find a writer willing to cover this evening's entertainment, prepared and delivered for us by New York trio 'Nada Surf', I have to be honest left me feeling a little pissed off. But catch this band in the flesh, or otherwise and any negative emotions will just slip away, no honestly they really are a life changing experience. With their recent album, 'Let Go', having taken to the streets and into my life of late, they should be noticed by more than just by the 'hardcore' muso. But with three album's prior to this dating back to 1996 available, who am I kidding, the fact that these guys are practising their craft to bring us their message maybe considered enough.

"Hello...we are Nada Surf" and they were off, opening with the incredibly familiar 'Blizzard Of '77', the lead track on their latest album was bound to make a good impression. Songs with lyrics you can read like a book, trying to decipher each meaning are part of the enjoyment of this group. Travelling all the way across the Atlantic, the least the Leicester audience could do was reward the band with a respectable crowd and this they did, the group responded with a set filled with enthusiasm and passion. Tortured vocals were at time order of the day, that could stop the menacing clouds from threatening, but holes in this tranquility would at times be made with the serenity of songs such as 'Blonde On Blonde' and 'Inside Of Love'. But back to the rolls of smoke coming from bassist Daniel's cigarette and this would remind you that you were after all, listening to a rock band. I must confess to being unfamiliar to most of the group's earlier repertoire, other than that I heard tonight, but a 'fan' this group made.

Nick James


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