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Mono Taxi - The Attik, Leicester (13/10/2005)

Found in the small lane off a main thoroughfare was the venue for tonight's entertainment, The Attik. This was one that had remained only a name in the city's calendar for musical events, that was until now when the quirky Anglo-French four piece Mono Taxi were to make their debut appearance in the city. Realistically tonight should have been a thriving bed of alternative music heaven, as 1 year ago today we had lost one of indie music's luminaries, John Peel and as such this had been dubbed 'John Peel day'. Instead, an apathetic town had only offered a handful of bodies, on this surprisingly glorious mid-October evening to bear witness to one of the most engaging live bands I have seen just lately.

Mono Taxi were to be the last band on, on a night that had already offered 3 helpings in the form of local acts; Rods New Car, Kiajaroovah and the apparently awesome Airhammer. Our headline were onstage by 10.30 and although had urged those sampling the DJ downstairs at the venue to hear their brand of antique-indie, had only managed to conjure up a dozen or so bodies to witness this very intimate show. But on a night where audience numbers had been sparing, those who'd ventured upstairs into the small auditorium witnessed a band who did not let this rather disappointing turnout spoil our enjoyment. Their ability to perform should be unquestioned, but at one point this lack of numbers had urged a quizzical co-vocalist/guitarist Antoine to ask "does anyone know why no-one is here tonight?", encouraging one of those less tongue tied to remark "'cos Leicester's shit!"

This had conjured several remarks in response, but wasn't long before the entertainment had resumed, showing that the band had certainly served their time studying all that was best in their chosen musical genre, as third on the bill was the Weddo's tinged "Kind Of Better" and lead track from their debut single. Feedback abound and glorious lead harmonies coming from Yorkshire chanteuse Ellice, the tiny venue provided a tight sound that despite the unfortunate response to their presence, certainly provided a great environment in which to hear the newcomers to the 'Play It Again 7' label. This had, as I had suggested earlier, been one of the high points in my musical calendar and may prove one of those gigs you'll have pleasure in recounting in years to come, put it this way - don't just sit at home, get off the sofa and get down to hear these guy's, you won't feel short-changed.

Nick James



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