Live Review : Mansun

Mansun - DMU Students Union, Leicester

With their hair a little longer and their sound possessing all the urgency that cried, "we’re back!" Mansun reclaimed all the ground that one might consider they had lost in the time they’d been away. These were the main attraction of this there was no mistaking. In just the opening bars, it seemed the audience were hooked, this was no slog, waiting to be grabbed by the collars and told to listen.

The chasm that opened up between these guys and their support tonight became wider by the second, you might almost feel sorry for the lack luster My Vitriol, who had certainly met their nemesis in this evenings entertainment stakes. The difference between a travelled band like Mansun and anyone who dared to come before them were so great words cannot begin to comprehend. From stage presence to the manner in which their sound hit the audience was immense, it would almost make the cynic question if this had not been the plan all along, as the sound space around us seemed to come alive and dance in mid-air before us.

How could I ever consider this ferry across the Mersey had sailed long ago, is beyond me now and I hang my head in shame that this thought could have ever arose. Mansun are back and heading for their third album now surely. Nick James

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