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Kinesis - The Charlotte, Leicester

Since Peter Kay practically single handedly established Bolton on the entertainment map, the city's profile has been rising steadily, and Kinesis are testament to the fact that it also has a surprisingly thriving music scene. It was, perhaps, a little difficult to detect this within the dark recesses of Leicester venue The Charlotte however, as, for what was supposed to be a "sellout" gig, I think I managed to count about 30 people - and that was including the bar staff! I felt great sympathy for the Kinesis guys, having been in very similar situations at this venue numerous times with my own band, but to give them their credit, they played as powerful and frenetic a set as they undoubtedbly would if they had been playing to three million punters.

Various comments made by lead vocalist Michael that would have been lapped up by a larger audience sadly fell upon deaf ears here, and again I could empathise, being no stranger to visions of tumbleweeds myself. Onto the music though, and Kinesis certainly pack a punch and play an impressive array of tunes wrought with energy and, thankfully, the one thing the Charlotte definitely IS good at is getting the sound right for louder bands. Without doubt, Kinesis fall into this category and having given a blistering performance through such favourites as "...And They Obey" and latest single "Forever Reeling" whilst rarely pausing to catch their breath, I can safely say they are a band well worth checking out.

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