Live reviews - Seafood, Jetplane Landing and Rock of Travolta - May 2002


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Seafood, Jetplane Landing and Rock of Travolta, Leicester Charlotte

The evening opened with the purely instrumental Rock Of Travolta. As my colleague and editor said “They’re very good, but they’ve gone on too long now”. Credit where credit’s due, they probably DID go on a little, but their music had a defining cutting edge to it, although with their punches into thin air they did at one time wander dangerously close to looking like a rock version of the Vengaboys. Don’t let this little matter put you off too much though – they play music with great big hairy bollocks.

I think the reason that ROT seemed to take so long was that this always tends to happen when you’re waiting for one of your favourite bands to take the stage. And that is very much the case with Jetplane Landing. You won’t need to have read much of the content of this music magazine to know that we are very, very, very impressed with them. For their live set, they chose not to include any of their more mellow numbers, and just blast out their most bitter and twisted philosophies of life with Andrew at his animated best. An incredible performance from an incredible band. There is little more that you can say about them. Finally Seafood – er…well we WOULD have reviewed Seafood, but the missus had to go early, claiming she needed to get some sleep in time for work in the morning. She admitted later that she needed the bog and didn’t want to use the one at the venue! Anyway I’ve just about finished laughing about that, so what can you say about Seafood? They’re fantastic, and you don’t need me to tell you that. Go and see them now!

Review by; Tone E

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