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Jesus Christ Superstar - De Montfort Hall, Leicester

Although I knew some of the music, I had never seen the show and after this performance I wondered why. Wow!! From the very first song that Judas sang my whole body seemed to tingle with electricity [and I still get the same feeling when talking about it]. I was whisked away to Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the first few minutes and although there were no scenery changes as such, you were always aware of what area of Jerusalem you were meant to be.

The scenery was stunning and the excellent lightning created an atmosphere that was hard to ignore. Jesus Christ - played by Craig Price - made a convincing and believable Christ and his voice, excellent in the role. In fact the singing throughout was fantastic! Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdalene - played by Jon Boydon and Helen Catherine-Ball - gave very passionate performances. Martin Callaghan alias Herod added some "fun" and light relief to the proceedings.

Craig's control and very convincing acting when portraying the Crucifixion was remarkable. During this scene you could have heard a pin drop as the audience was so quiet, transfixed by the events unravelling on stage. If you were a believer that was having doubts, I feel seeing this wonderful "show"' would have rekindled your beliefs. If you didn't go you still have a few days to catch this amazing phenomenon (until 9th April 2005). Following this, the show continues its nationwide tour, details of which can be obtained by visiting - tour-diary.

The shows at De Montfort Hall seem to get better and better and I think this is the best yet!

Peggy Sue

De Montfort Hall

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