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I Am Kloot De Montfort University, Leicester

Three feet tall with a head like a bowling ball was the utterance from lead singer Johnny Bramwell to a full crowd of revellers at the De Montfort University Arena. I Am Kloot are a 3 piece who have captured that classic “Manchester” sound first awakened in such bands as the Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets and so on. The “baggy” sound still doesn’t sound out of place in 2003 on a cold, wet night in Leicester.

The crowd were certainly appreciative of “Untitled #1” and “Mermen”, and Johnny’s vocals remind me of something of a hybrid of John Lennon and a Liam Gallagher drawl but he seemed to pull it off. The set consisted of the usual downbeat songs but the whole thing was moved along nicely by the drummers rhythm pushes, and that created a nice overall feel. It is just a shame that the bass player was always in the dark whilst the band was on; maybe it was his choice…or maybe he has a hideous face……who knows?!

Unfortunately the crowd was of the typical Leicester standard, taking the form of still silhouettes, captured in the lights that emanated from the stage. A certain guy behind me commented to his date that the band used the same spiel the last time they played here…

So what?! I doubt I shall see HIM playing to a crowd in excess of 800 people!!

Sticky Fingers Muldoone


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