Live reviews - Grease DATE UNKNOWN

Black leather and frills

“Grease is the word” and with memories of Travolta, T-bird adorning his biker jacket and Olivia, oh Olivia, black leather thigh boots and an oh so skinny waist line, greeting the two lead roles in the original performance, how could they even attempt this on the live stage?

Well much to my surprise they could and bring the magic that has crossed generations to life right in front of our very eyes. South African, Craig Urbani filled the role of Danny, that so many actors have done so before him, that although couldn’t look exactly like Travolta, in his vocal performance was ‘the spit’ and with your eyes closed might well fool. Halley Flaherty, a boney lass, took on the equally challenging role that was ‘Sandy’ and with her inocence in-tact made us believe that she was the nieve Austrailian set down in the middle of 50’s Chicago.

With not only the orchestra playing a starring role, but also scenes being rolled into view at a moments notice (particlarly ‘Grease Lightening’, a scene I remembered with such vividness that I recall thinking “how the hell are they going to pull that off), done with ease. This was the stage-show, brought up from the ‘West-end’, to Leicester that hit the spot in everyway. Another crowning glory for De Montfort Hall, bringing the fare paying public of middle England the best in entertainment.
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