Frank Black and the Catholics - 9th show of their non-stop 2 month 2001 tour of Northern Europe

The Charlotte Leicester

A capacity crowd packed out Leicester's Charlotte. The track list of approx. 30 songs over 2 hours was performed with crystal clear definition, taking the audience back in time to every era of Franks career; Doolittle, Bossanova, Surfer Rosa, his subsequent solo work and current songs from his new incarnation with the Catholics. As expected all the golden oldies such as "Monkey Gone to Heaven" ... "Where Is My Mind" and "Gauge Away" were all greeted with full audience participation

The privileged audience of devoted followers - flashback'ed to their youth while mouthing Pixies lyrics in awe of the spectacle of this living legend performing only feet away. This performance took me spiralling back to a time that new music has since forgotten by all but Frank Black and his Catholics, who keep this unique & untiring formula alive into the present day.

If this gig were a movie I wouldn't have left my seat until the credits had rolled up and the lights had come back on. Needless to say I bought the T-shirt

M Barrand