Live reviews - Echobelly - October 2001

  Echobelly - The Charlotte

Echobelly Fanzine

Not so much a case of a tried and tested formula re-worked, rather than brought back to the audiences minds. This was brit-pop and full steam ahead, conjured up from the hearts and minds of former press darlings, Echobelly. And have they forgotten how to, like hell they have. With the diminutive stature of Sonia, the 'virtual-girlfriend' of surely every red blooded indie-boy here tonight handling them all with her powerful vocal chords and stage presence, this was truly one of those 'not to be missed' affairs. They may have slipped from the second rung that they once balanced so well, behind the likes of Blur and Radiohead, but tonight's show showed us all that are not to be passed over. But will it be as good second time around? Well if raw talent is a measure, then yes they deserve this and more.  Tonight's set was tight and well rehearsed and it might be said, an audience that resurrected  the once, oh so fashionable pogo quick-step, in support. The set not only brought back old favourites, but also showcased  new tunes that would surely wet appetites of those that heard to crave more. One almighty gig and more.

Nick James

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