Live reviews - Dizzy Valise

the Musician, Leicester 22/02/2002

A story by Parker Biro

Another month – another gig. Last time when we caught up with the Dizzy’s we were in London where they rocked a fat one at the barfly. This time, I find them in the intimate surroundings of Leicester’s Musician. I catch up with the Valise’s drummer, Heetan to see what’s been goin’ on since then:

“We’ve been chasing up interest from the last gig ourselves. Basically, we parted ways with our management due to them not really prioritising Dizzy. They had other bands who were signed or further down the line to being signed, so they were the priority. We need to be placed first, and so we amicably spilt”

Naim interjects: “ To get to the stage where we are at now has been 99 percent of our own back...not to take anything away from the ex-manager, but it has been down to hard work on our part. Doors have been opened, and it’s now our job to run in the rooms and settle down with a vodka and orange (no ice )”

John comes over after setting up Icke’s sound and grabs a Silk Cut and starts telling me about new recordings. “ After “Navigator” we want to get some stuff that truly represents the band live. I’m really proud of the produced sound of our other stuff, but when the songs are as strong as ours, sometimes you need to get to the point – y’know – that’s the guitar, there’s the drums, there’s the keys and there’s a vocal and that’s the song...rockin’ away!”

I ask if the band have a new “ rock” sound and is it a complete U-turn? Bass-man Dan takes the point “ It’s not a complete U-turn at just turned out that the band have developed live into quite a bombastic proposal and the recordings have usually been very “ considered” and quite different to the live versions. We simply want to merge the lines between live and recording”.

Then off to the stage the band go . They sound-check with a track I’ve not heard which seems to be called “ friendly bombs”. It sounds simply amazing – a bastard child of Clinic and T-Rex. (no really). They then do a bit of “ Let’s face it”, then call it a day.

The venue fills up to capacity and at 10pm-ish Dizzy Valise take to the stage. Opening with favourite “Don’t read this” they truly rock like a demon throughout the song. It kind of sums up the band, light, shade and well...rock! The set includes strolls through with “ Navigator”, “ All these things” and “ Bullets”. It dawns on me that this band in the space of 6 weeks have matured. They’ve come of age. Gone is the considered approach of old. They don’t seem to ill at ease any more. Here is a band who have found their feet. Here are the songs and this is how they play ‘em. The set ends with “ Let’s face it” which is stunningly beautiful, and closes with “ Fatal Star”. This band will get signed. When? Soon. “Hello A’n’R, where the hell are you?”

After the set, the band drink and mince. I catch John at the bar and ask “ What’s next?” “ Well we’ve just recorded new stuff which rocks “ (I’ve since heard this and they do), and we’re starting some new tracks next week, the “ Friendly Bombs” track we sound-checked with. Then we’re playing the ‘Waterrats’ in London on March the 11th. So, as – ever working harder than is natural”.

Dan the bass-man then drags me off to a lap dancing club where he slips a few fivers into an ageing towny bird’s g-string for some lap pleasure. Bass-how low can you go?

See ya next month.

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