Live Review: Coldplay

Coldplay - De Montfort University

It all started superbly. The band began with my personal favourite from their excellent debut album "Parachutes" - the fantastic "Spies". Following this was the beautiful new single "Trouble" complete with a stumble at the start from singer Chris Martin.

These boys really are magnificent. If you like the album, let me tell you that they're twice as good live - the craftsmanship of their songs shines through even more and Chris just has an amazing voice that would keep even the most innovative escapee captive. Far from being the miserable, wet behind the ears types that certain sources would have you believe, Coldplay actually come across as though they are really enjoying their time in the limelight.

Honestly, you feel like you'd be good mates with them if you knew them. Both the recent hit singles "Shiver" and "Yellow" are delivered with the kind of sincerity and passion that you come to expect of this band. Let's just say that if you missed out, you really DID miss out. Coldplay had mentioned to me last time I spoke to them that, for some strange reason, once they eventually had a good gig in Leicester, they'd know they had really made it! Well, I wouldn't worry guys.

It looks like you've cracked it at last. Tone E