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Cinerama, Delgrassi, Nectar : The Charlotte 12th July 2002

A reasonably full Charlotte played host to a night of kinda good music with a consistency usually lacking in "3 band bills".

First up, Nectar, a Leicester quartet with lashings of Americana, Trumpets and nice clothes. Above all, absolutely beautiful songs embraced by quite lovely arrangements. Singer, John may not always reach the notes he strives for but he means what he sings. All 4 boys are tearing their hearts out for you. Find them and hug them.

Now comes an Edinburgh band "Delgrassi". Clueless to what the name means I can openly describe the band as the North's "Six By Seven" but with even worse vocals. Not content with having one bad vocalist, the bands plan seems to be " Let the drummer av. a go, then let that other guitarist have a go". Plans can fall through (as so often they do). Three vocalist each as bad as each other, which is a shame as the music is truly beautiful noise.

The crowd defined the word "indie" when it meant something all those days ago. Cinerama, for the uninformed features David Gedge (ex. Wedding Present )and a band of pretty girls and mid thirties men paling old style indie with a passion. Chats new? Well Cinerama are "slowed down Wedding Present"....with some keyboards. Mr Gedge certainly hasn't lost the knack for writing a good song, but why he chose to change the name to something else kinda eludes me. They play a batch of classic Weddoes songs and (Corduroy and some of the classic "Seamonsters" set), and the newer stuff is the same lyrical themes (She Hates Me, I'm Nervous to Speak to Her etc.). They certainly are a one trick pony but that trick is a good one thank you very much. A national treasure.

Parker Biro G.C.S.E.

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