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Bruce Springsteen - Live at Crystal Palace Bowl 27/5/03

It's rare that I'm left speechless but along with 50, OOO others assembled to watch the legend that is Bruce "the Bossman" Springsteen and the E street band, I was left exhausted emotionally and physically by his 3 hour set of non-stop entertainment raw gusto, bravado and charisma. Opening up solo with an alternative rendition of "Born in the Usa" played on 12 string guitar with a blues slide. What initially struck me was his voice, it's so powerful and authoritative, much more so than on record. At 53 Springsteen has only gained in statue and range. You can talk about a show like this being full of stadium sized cliches, but in truth this guy is the real thing, he's inventing the cliches that others will rip off.

Each song flows into the next and just when you think the band has reached a collective crescendo...up it goes into another level, "Meet me at Marys' Place" is strung out into a 10 minute rollercoaster ride that involves the crowd, this track works so well now seeing it live. Other highlights were "Atlantic City", "My City Of Ruins" and of course "Born To Run" which brought the audience to its knees. Everyone from Clarence bigman Clemence to Nils Lofgren where so on form and each member of his 9 peice band had their moment to shine. Leading the pack though was Bruce who was orchestrating everything...working the audience, knowing how and when to bring it down for the tender moments and how to execute a raucous and infectious delivery of rock n roll. Having said that though, I noticed how rooted alot of the arrangements are in gospel and blues. All in all I felt I was getting a masterclass in music from one of the true legends. A once in lifetime gig, not to missed if you ever get an opportunity!


1. Born in the USA ( acoustic )
2. The Rising
3. Lonesome Day
4. Candy's Room
5. Prove it all Night
6. Atlantic City
7. Empty Sky
8. You're Missing
9. Waiting on a Sunny Day
10.Sherry Darling
11.Worlds Apart
13.She's the One
14.Mary's Place
15.Racing in the Street
16.Into the Fire
17.Thunder Road

20.Born to Run
21.Detroit Medley
22.Seven Nights to Rock

23.My City of Ruins
24.Land of Hopes and Dreams
25.Dancing in the Dark

Raj Turbo


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