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The Bandits – Sumo, Leicester

The music scene in Liverpool has enjoyed a considerable spirited renaissance (again) over the past couple of years. Spearheaded by the likes of The Coral once again we are in the grip of scouse creativity.

History has taught us that this is a very good thing (from a famed 60’s 4 piece, to the La’s, to the present gang) and The Bandits represent the latest wave from the Mersey.

They take to the Sumo stage oozing the entire six member scally swagger that the press release had led me to believe. Sports shirts, 60’s throwbacks, flop mop hairdos all present and correct.

Their music though whilst grabbing elements from a variety of sources (Happy Mondays, Beefheart, MC5) does not sound like anything in particular. This is the good thing about most bands hailing from the Lyver-city. A mixture of interesting sounds combining to give the packed Sumo crowd a sweat drenched, rollicking live experience.

The highlights include new single ‘Once Upon A Time’, last year’s debut single ‘The Warning’ and a track called ‘Free Me Rain’ which whips the crowd into a frenzy. Heads sway, bodies move. There is no let up from the opening track right to the final piece.

The band comprise of tousled singer John, keyboard player Tony, guitar players Gary and Ritchie, mop top bassist Scott and mad drummer Swee. Good players all, who clearly are enjoying being on the up and up.

The bands new single (released on B-Unique) is out and a debut album should be with us later this year. This band can be massive. They have the sound that combines psychedelia, punk, pop and freaky beats. Catch them before they become stadium bound.

Matty P


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