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Arms... - The Shed

Another drab Leicester evening and another round of local bands to review. I’ve decided that if I can’t say anything nice, then I won’t say it. So, I’m not reviewing the other 4 bands that played here tonight… siree bob. However, a sparkle in the coal-face of the rock and roll universe that is Leicester arrived in the face of new(ish) band called “Arms…”

For starters, they’ve got three guitarists………usually signifies disaster, but when handled in such interesting and quite dirty ways, this sounded massive and intimate in equal doses.

Secondly, the singer (Daryl ) can bloody well sing! He has a very effeminate way with his voice box seamlessly drifting from whispered loveliness to full on octave spanning power (not in a Mariah Carey kindaway neither).

Oh, yes, and they’ve got songs, too. Opening trio of “Miss Magdalane”, “Cellophane” and “Skateboards” introduce us all to a truly original band with sympathy to the songs in their arrangements. “Madness and Faith” treat us all to a classic heartfelt love song, and set-closer “Ghost” is a fantastic quiet-loud (tho’ no Nu-Metal thank the lord ) number with all 5 Arms boys playing one note to dramatic effect.

With half the set containing the strongest songs this side of Bacherach and the other half giving out Badly Drawn Sleaze, Arms… surely can reach out and either hug you all. Or punch you in the teeth.

Parker Biro


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